… it’s all going on!!

The week with the family was absolutely lovely (and very full) – Daughter 2 left on Friday and Daughter 1 yesterday, early.

So Hub and I clear up and make (another) to-do list of jobs to get the flat straight. And hopefully contemplate a Quieter Week |-| getting on with things.


Daughter 3 phones this morning. She’s expecting baby 2 imminently and … her contractions are starting. Can we be on standby … ??? 8|

I’m packing my case 😉

But we did manage to finish ONE job last week. From this:


(no, it didn’t have whisky in it 😦 ) – to this:


Ready for the next invasion:


And now the bath can be restored to its main function!


(Wot?? 8| You expected to see coal in it???)

(Don’t worry, we’re not that smelly – there is a very nice shower ;D )



  1. Wow never a dull moment!! Goodness….. I do wish Daughter 3 all the best with arrival of baby 2….

    Well done getting bunk beds built and baths emptied on top of all else! Crikey… you’ll be wishing you hadn’t retired and could just return to a life of regular work like before…;)


      1. Emphatically … it is just so weird, knowing we can do what we want, when we want, and nobody is waiting on us to Get Things Done … until the daughters start having ideas – or babies – however 😉


      2. 🙂 Sounds wonderful to me! You’ll have to start knitting horrid tough old cardigans for the babies though like all proper good grandmas do. Stiff old things in nasty colours (mustard and taupe together for example)so that people can lie through their teeth thanking you and pretending they’re glad.

        You don’t want to do that? Can’t say I blame you! :))


      3. I threatened my kids that I would take my rocking chair and wear my old shawl and start knitting things for them all and be TERRIBLY hurt if they didn’t wear them … 😉


    1. It’s a towel rail – and actually has towels on it, for a change – I find it very useful as it’s light and portable, takes up very little room and can be pressganged into being a drying rack!


      1. I have a photo of a piece of furniture with the same legs, however, the sight of legs alone don’t tell us everything. I guess, since there is the coy use of towels, the demure top underneath them, will be a different design.

        You’re doing rather well. Good luck with the imminent arrival.


    1. ~Thanks, Kathryn – I’ve just had a word with her and she says the pains are coming more strongly and more often, but not strong or often enough! We’re to wait now until tomorrow – then if she’s gone into hospital we’ll drive up to Bristol and look after our grandson.


      1. Thanks … a bit too hectic, to be honest …. I’m getting a sore throat and a cold so it could be better timing 😉 but time, tide and babies wait for no-one!!


      2. I think the changeable weather is making people catch colds… my neighbour is a heart nurse who never gets colds any more…but she got one after the street party!


      3. Yes, getting wet and dry and wet again and going in and out of different temperatures doesn’t help. Plus the grandchildren were all streaming with cold so it’s their fault |-| 😉


      4. I think it’s the children… seems to happen to m y sister and her husband when they visit their grandchildren…. apart from the fact that they took their tent./caravan and it was one of the wettest weekends of the summer…and that is saying something this year.


      5. Grandson has had a permanent runny nose for his nearly 4 years! Picks up all the bugs at nursery, methinks.

        Well now, I wonder what the weather will do next?!


      6. Yes,indeed… don’t look too far ahead…and the baby will be a most welcome one I am sure.
        And if you’re not happy with anything at the hospital,I found the manager wonderful… and yet they are much maligned.Thinking of you each day.


      7. ~Thanks – that’s very kind! Daughter 3 is having the baby in St Michael’s hospital in Bristol, where she had her first – they were brilliant.


      8. Very good!Most of them are but now and then people get problems..My sister almost had one of hers in the car park!She is so brave too…never had pain relief as with the first she felt sick… so the nexct three she just accepted it..They are all delightful people now.


      9. I seem to notice likenesses more now…. so one nephew has my sister’s green eyes.. all the others have blue.But otherwise he is the least like her physically…it’s intriguing


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