When we went to Dartmouth Castle recently there was an exhibition of firing old guns. So there was a musket and a blunderbuss and a couple of other things too.

We were warned to put our hands over our ears and open our mouths when they were fired – they make a serious racket which then echoes all round the castle and round the bay as well – great fun!

And they also emit a great deal of smoke, which reminds me of how that was a major feature in the wars of those days. I seem to remember that at the Battle of Waterloo, the two armies couldn’t see each other for the smoke of their cannons and musketry. I reckon our forebears must have spent most of their ex-army lives half or totally deaf because of the noise.

As our ferryboat reached mid-stream, there was another bang from the battlements and I managed to capture the smoke from the blunderbuss :yes:

Dartmouth castle

I enjoy these things when they give you an insight into our past.


20 thoughts on “BLUNDERBUSS SMOKE

  1. There was a great programme on TV last night about raising Elizabethan cannons from the sea bed. There was also a musket. Test firings were carried out with plenty of surprising visual ballistics. If you could catch this programme, (if you haven’t seen it) it would tie in nicely with this post.


  2. That sounds like my kind of day. I love all that re-enactment stuff. I’m going to the History Festival in July which has guns, regalia, cavalry, women folk in traditional gear and even the odd spitfire thrown in. Great fun.


      1. Not to that level, but there is an annual joust at Upper Hutt a few miles from us where the “Knights” have some fun re-enacting that sort of thing.


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