So far … we’ve done pretty well. The weather was blowy but sunny on Saturday and we spent most of the time on the beach with kids and grandkids. Yesterday was cooler and cloudy but we had a great day, going by steam train (yessssssssss!!! wanted to do that for ages !!!) to Dartmouth, then walking up to the castle, where we were treated to an exhibition of musket fire. Incredibly noisy and great fun! Hub had opted to stay in Dartmouth and have a little P & Q 😉

Enjoying myself so much in fact, that as I ambled off for a cup of tea Eldest Daughter said ‘Mum, aren’t you supposed to be meeting Dad and catching the 3.15 train home????’

Aaaarrrgggghhhh. Totally forgotten. Having too much fun.

Scampered down to the jetty to catch the ferryboat back to Dartmouth – but it only takes 12 at a time and that meant I wouldn’t make it into the next boat, either. Hub phones and I explain what’s happening … then the next boat arrives, and 10 people climb in.

‘I can take 2 more’, says the ferryman. But the group in front want to stay together, and the young couple I’d been chatting to had overheard my conversation with Hub.

‘Go on’, they said kindly. ‘You’re in a hurry.’

How nice was that! I got back in plenty of time. I was dying for a cuppa so we headed to the Singing Kettle in Dartmouth.

‘Only one of you?’ They say. ‘Sorry. Can’t serve you. Can’t have one person using up a table at such a busy time’.

There were plenty of empty places, by the way.

What’s more, sez Hub when he rejoins me, ‘They threw me out a couple of hours ago for the same reason.’

‘Ah’, says ED. ‘They wouldn’t serve me a few years ago because I had a child with me’.

And blow me down, Hub posts the story on his Facebook, and a friend of mine reads it and announces that she’d been chucked out 20 YEARS AGO because she was on her own!

Great customer relations, I don’t think :crazy:

Something Ought To Be Done about this |-|. Dunno what, quite. I’d like to complain to somebody, not sure whom 🙄 Might post on Trip Adviser :yes:

It was a lovely day apart from that!

Today it has POURED all day and everyone went out in it several times, so we had to put the heating on just to dry all the wet clothes and coats! Hoping for drier weather tomorrow.

Hope you’ve all had Jubilee fun! We’ve had regattas, and live bands in the bandstand in the park. Hub and I joined in an outdoor Songs of Praise there on Sunday, in the cold and the wind with other hardy souls. Good music though!



  1. Glad to hear that ‘customer service’ is alive and well and living in the UK (not).
    I am always amazed that these arrogant places get any custom at all.
    Good for you posting on Trip Advisor. 😀 xx


    1. Well my complaint on Trip Adviser has now been published |-| Honestly, it was the limit!

      POURING with rain all day but 3 cheers for soft play areas!!!


    1. It was so surprising to hear so many other experiences exactly the same, just by people we know: how many others must there be?! I’ve posted on Tripadviser now.


  2. We have had a weather bomb in the South Island – snow around much of the south and earthquake devastated Christchurch totally white – and a rain storm here in Wellington. The weather is going north too! Winter is here!! Summer up north, but how it rained, even on the Queen’s party!


  3. I have never heard of a cafe having such a policy.I’ve made friends sometimes through sharing a table.I had a lengthy and intriguing conversation with a delightful man of 95 who walks into town every morning and has coffee alone.It’s quite the norm to ask politely iff you can share a table.
    I’m pleased to hear of the good time..despite this horrid weather..we were rainedo n during our party but it was


  4. Well I guess there’s a business opportunity for another tea-room to set up nearby and be kind to all the unwanted rejects 🙄 HUH!!! VERY HUH!!

    sounds as if you’re taking to your new life with great gusto and how kind of the whole country to celebrate your retirement 😉

    It’s been a wonderful old Jubilee – I hope the Queen enjoyed it :yes:


    1. She seems to be very touched by it all. I’m glad she said so, because otherwise she doesn’t show emotion!

      that’s an idea. Set up a tea room called ‘Singing Kettle Rejects Welcome Here’ 😉


  5. My! My! You are having a ‘Roaring Start’ to your Retirement….:roll: Sounds like fun, nonetheless….Hugs! :)x
    PS. Hubs on FB? Excellent! 😉


      1. I’ve just found this review about the place:

        “Yet again this is another establishment that discriminates against families. You’re not welcome of you have anyone under the age of 7. Forget their over inflated prices for run of the mill old fashioned English fare – just boycott the place.”


      2. Actually, now I remember, that’s the reason they gave for refusing to serve my daughter. Think I’ll add that :yes: Thanks, Spicey!


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