… in kids, grandkids, chaos, boxes, piles of stuff and fun!! Some of the family down for half-term. Having to stay in the s/c flats next door to us, as we have no spare beds yet … but it’s working.

What’s the first thing I did? Took Eldest Granddaughter in the fog and cold and rain for a paddle on the beach, and did a lot of screaming. And got our new jeans (mine) and her leggings wet :yes:

Now they’ve all gone to bed and Hub and I are shattered but happy :zz:

Might not have too much time to look in here but will catch up as and when!

have a lovely Jubilee weekend everyone :wave:



26 thoughts on “UP TO OUR ARMPITS

      1. I know the feeling.Sorry it’s not as hot as last week.We just had our street party and drunken people are still wandering about,music is playing…right outside our house for some reason!
        Still it was nice to see the neighbours and judge the fancy dress competition…!My usual role in these do’s.I’m not sure why but I seem to be the Mother of the road!!


  1. Lovely to have the family around even if sometimes they are more of a hindrance than a help.

    Have a wonderful weekend…the unpacking will get done….says she with still some 40 boxes!!

    P xx


  2. :lalala: Love this bit…..”…Now they’ve all gone to bed and Hub and I are shattered but happy.” I am SO pleased for the two of you! Hugs! :)xx


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