On the whole we’ve been very impressed the standard of service here – people turn up when they say they will, do a good job, don’t try to cheat you, their prices are very reasonable, and they are pleasant and cheerful.


A certain chain store which shall be nameless; but where you can get stuff for bathrooms and kitchens and paint and tiles and other things for the home 😉 We are DEEPLY unimpressed >:-(

First off, we went in to ask what it would take, and how much it would cost, to have a wardrobe with sliding doors. Admittedly we knew very little about it but we thought we would get some advice.

The guy who ‘saw’ to us said that it would be – oooh dear now, far too difficult – we would have to build a false wall and it would be very expensive and there was this problem and that problem … and he was aggressive and sneery and patronising.

So off we went, rather crestfallen, wondering how we were going to manage when space is so tight that we don’t have room to open a hinged door.

Except then we went to IKEA, and saw loads of wardrobes with sliding doors. No problem.


Next thing was, we needed a couple more cupboards in the kitchen. We knew that the present kitchen cupboards were from Bilious and Queasy, so we went back, with a photo, and asked for an exact match.

Oh dear, they said. That’s very strange. We don’t seem to do those now. Here are some (much less good) cupboards which are the nearest match.

In our ignorance we accepted this and ordered them.

They arrived.


Handy Andy, a local guy, spent most of yesterday trying to put them up. Then discovered that the reason the doors wouldn’t go on was because they had sent the wrong hinges.

Hub beetled off to get the right ones. And was told to pay.

Hang on a minute, he said. They arrived with hinges. They are just the wrong ones. Why do I have to pay for the right ones??? – and what’s more, I’ve had to come and fetch them when I paid for them to be delivered!

You just have to … |-|

Today the long-awaited ottoman bed arrived. Normally Hub reckons to do most of these things himself but we knew in advance that the lift-up mechanism is tricky to fit, so we asked a local guy (who works for Bilious and Queasy) to come and do it.

What a pleasure! He actually works 2 jobs, one with them and another in his own time doing stuff like this. He arrived promptly, was pleasant and professional, and was walking away an hour later, job done.

In the process Hub chatted to him, and discovered that we could have had the exact same cupboards in the kitchen. He even knew the name.


And he did warn us. Check the bill when it arrives. They might have charged us twice for delivery.


ANYWAY :**: These things happen, and we finally have a proper bed, having slept on the floor for the past month …

… just as long as Hub remembers we are no longer on a mattress, and he can’t roll off the bed to get up in the morning any more 😉


12 thoughts on “BILIOUS AND QUEASY

  1. We have Homebase which seems to have similar practices with spare parts and payment nonsense. I know a couple who found their B+Q cupboards were still available after many years. As they had fitted them once before, it was a relative breeze to buy a couple at a time and transport them to their flat down west, so, on each visit, a couple of units were fitted in their kitchen. it must be complete by now.

    There are sales regs that cover your requirements and experiences, and, if you felt like it – I bet you don’t – you could follow them up. Sale Of Goods Act is the main one, I believe.

    I have some of the comments of others here, if it helps, I may be able to C+P them to you.


    1. thanks. I may do. It really depends how much emotional energy we have when there is such a pressing list of Things To Be Done! But we’ll certainly be avoiding them in the future.


  2. lOL….but not funny….

    Took a few mo’s to register the Bilious and Queasy….we don’t have one round here within about 10 ish miles.

    Gad you found a ‘handyman’ hope you got his number

    Sounds like me, whenever I buy something or get something always something wrong.

    Hope it all gets sorted soon


    P xx


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