WHAT is going on???

I noticed that my Bilious and Queasy posting had appeared TWICE … so in a tidy frame of mind I decided to delete one.

Except … I’ve now deleted all your lovely comments too!

I don’t think there’s a way of getting it back, is there?

Botheration. Sorry, my friends. That’ll teach me to tidy up 😉 :crazy:


17 thoughts on “BEG PARDON, FOLKS

    1. Yes, there seem to be a lot of gaps on this domain – it always annoys me that I can’t answer all my commenters at once on one page, and then post the lot all together!


  1. I did just think….

    Whilst this seems to be ok….but if ever you loose something…post another…go to edit when it says ‘view’ and you should be able to pick it up.

    P xx


  2. I’ve just read the post and commented. It didn’t look like a ghost ship.

    Just in case, here’s a copy of my comment.

    We have Homebase which seems to have similar practices with spare parts and payment nonsense. I know a couple who found their B+Q cupboards were still available after many years. As they had fitted them once before, it was a relative breeze to buy a couple at a time and transport them to their flat down west, so, on each visit, a couple of units were fitted in their kitchen. it must be complete by now.

    There are sales regs that cover your requirements and experiences, and, if you felt like it – I bet you don’t – you could follow them up. Sale Of Goods Act is the main one, I believe.

    I have some of the comments of others here, if it helps, I may be able to C+P them to you.


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