Went hunting for a small sideboard and a couple of small coffee tables yesterday. Found a sideboard in a second-hand furniture shop … went and looked at other stores nearby (not second-hand) … found the very same thing in one of them at 4 TIMES the price in the second-hand shop …

… hightailed it hastily back to the original shop once we realised just what a bargain it was! :crazy:

Our piece de resistance was when Hub called me to go into a charity shop. There sat two lovely solid wood coffee tables, right size and colour.

5 quid each.


28 thoughts on “BARGAINS

  1. I think sesco nd hand furniture adds to th patena of a home. Garden furniture in my home is left distressed the back yard gate has needed paint for years ! the paint on the bird table is wonderful disgace !


      1. Not for a while yet … the ottoman bed has JUST been put together 🙂 so I am busy transferring all the spare bedding into it 😉 Hurray! Then we hope the sideboard will appear, and I’ll transfer the crocks into that :yes: … and then that will free up some space in our only fitted cupboard … and then we can start unpacking the boxes which are stacked into the bunk bed space … and when we’ve done that we can put the bunks together … and then I can put the mattresses on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

        It’s the sort of job where you have to do 50 other jobs before you can do the job you want :**: We’re getting there!


      2. Oh my….sounds like a long slow process….shame I’m so far away or I’d be round with my screwdriver and hammer….handy with a hammer me!!!xxxxx


      3. Open arms and cup of tea waiting … hang on a minute … let me just clear a space … you don’t mind sitting on the floor do you ????


  2. I will be donating loads shortly, shame you were not my end as more than like had things you want.

    Glad you got some bargains though and you got to send some pics over when sorted.

    P xx


  3. Splendid stuff. House clearance do yield some interesting ongoing and desirable furnishings. Be careful, you’ll be over-furnished if this bargain-finding continues!


    1. No chance … I’ve no idea what to do with my mother’s bookcase, which I really want to keep and which she willed to me … but absolutely no space. Hopefully Sis will rescue it and keep it in her big house. Until she has to downsize one day 😉


      1. Not knowing this bookcase, nor your home dimensions, it is difficult to make alternative suggestions. It would seem from what you say, the hallway is not a practical space for it. Could it act as a visual long/large room divider? Dividers do not have to be wide and tall, though many are, they can b attractively low and carefully placed.


      2. Thanks for these ideas. We’re trying to keep as much space as poss open in the middle of the room as it is a lounge diner and if we’re not careful it will be so full we will hardly be able to move! No, Sis will rescue it and then it will still be in the family, but her problem not mine 😉 (Living with the French Revolutionaries of Marie Anthumbette has made me more ruthless) :))


  4. Strange that – when we needed a “new” sofa last summer, we headed for our nearest charity shop – found a bargain – a two seater that can easily accomodate three and for far less than expected.


    1. It seems to work best if you can pop in regularly – that way you can catch the bargains as they come in. However, sometimes it is just a lucky dip! Congrats on that sofa :yes:


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