Hub has been beavering away making a drawer for ‘his’ wardrobe in the second bedroom – good gracious, he is going to have to THINK about what to wear, now he can’t clamber into his clericals every day!!! 8|

Then we put bedding into the other half of the wardrobe, pro tem. We’re awaiting the delivery of a bed – we’ve ordered an ottoman type, that you can lift up and there’s masses of storage underneath. I had one in Romania and it is ace when you are short of storage space!


(image from

Once that comes – and they keep changing the delivery date 😑 – we will put all the bedding in there.

Our sofa has arrived! We’re really pleased with it and now we have somewhere comfy to sit, life is looking up even though we still have to peer at it round piles of boxes :yes:

But the mattresses are still in the bath 😦 awaiting the time that we finish building the bunk beds!

One good thing – it’s lovely and cool in our ground-floor flat. Popped up to visit the lovely neighbours on the top floor the other day – it was BAKING up there πŸ˜‰

I even did my neighbourly thing today and hoovered the hall outside our front door B)

Bite by bite …


29 thoughts on “BITE BY BITE

  1. I wonder how husband will deal with having to choose clothing all the timeΒ… could it be that after all these years he has a yearning for the variety and the bright colors? In any case, I hope all your chores are a little bit fun as well.


    1. They would be if we didn’t feel so tired – it’s hard to get the balance between resting and feeling driven to get on with the endless lists of jobs! But we’re taking some days off now, with the Jubilee and our family, and we should return to it refreshed.


  2. Being retired and adapting to it and a pattern within it, will be rather like unpacking your boxes and and a place for things.

    We had a single ottoman bed, though ours had a drawer rather than a hinged top; it was designed to also be a bedsit sofa. It was hardly used, (from single person days) and under the house for years. Hubby checked it all out, refurbished runners and minor things, then we gave it to a teenager who had never had a new bed, let alone a nearly new bed, with her very own storage space. Tally = Joy for her, contentment for us.


      1. Oh, just seen typo…my magic keyboard batteries are low- not out of juice yet!

        ‘like unpacking your boxes and ‘finding’ a place ……..’


    1. He’s thrown away most of the clerical collars and quite a few of the shirts which were getting tatty πŸ˜‰ But no doubt eventually other things will come our way … don’t want to get involved for a while yet though :yes:


  3. Gosh what a great palaver for you and hubs….beds in baths and so on… Glad you keeping cool and on the ground floor so you won’t have to struggle up flights of stairs etc!

    Moving house can be so disorientating and traumatic yet you sound sanguine… well done you…!!

    HUGE HUGS!!!xxxx


    1. Thanks tons!! Andy is here now to put up a couple more kitchen cupboards … and then I will have somewhere for the spaghetti and the flour πŸ˜‰

      It’s taking time but we are trying to be more patient :**: and we do feel pleased at the way things are working out at present :yes:


  4. Top floors are often really hot sounds good that you are in the cool bottom floor. Hope the bed arrives soon, seems like a fab storage idea. Have a nice time with the family.


    1. thanks, Murphy … it’s a lot of work, we don’t stop and we’re shattered … but we’ve got to get reasonably straight by the weekend when half the family is visiting!!! πŸ™„


      1. Ahhhhh…This is where the lessons begin…about ‘minimalist living’….:)) All the family SOON learn….Gone are the days of Space!Space!Space!….;0xxx


      2. Felt sad yesterday when I had to part with the children’s play table and the dolls’ house … 😦 but as you say, the family will soon learn!!! πŸ˜‰


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