12 thoughts on “OH YES, I REMEMBER IT WELL

    1. Well at least with most of the animals I guess you know what they like, and they don’t sit there going ‘I’m vegetarian’ or ‘I don’t like this’ or … etc etc … you know!!!

      PS I think you are HERO to feed all those animals :yes:


      1. Lol….now you wouldn’t believe how fussy animals can be…the cat suddenly goes off a certain brand of food then I faff for AGES to find a new favourite…and Annie is insanely fussy…I have to leap about with bits of chicken to get her to eat….the hogs go off mealworm…..the chickens decide the’re bored of corn…..

        Now people…it goes on their plates and they HAVE to eat it as nothing else will be offered….lol xxxxx


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