I went back to the hospital today to get the results of the biopsy on my thumb. We’d all been waiting ages and Hub had got fed up and gone for a wander.

As soon as I walked in the (very nice) consultant asked me if I had anyone with me?

Uh-oh, I thought :-/ Not good news then.

Turns out that it is melanoma, but mercifully it has been caught early.

And I must have the top part of my right thumb surgically removed asap – so as soon as I hit Devon I beetle off to the local GP surgery and register!

Hub rolled up some minutes later to get the news – but he had not wasted his time and came bearing some very large profiteroles 😉

And we’re busy changing our plans: we will now both go tomorrow, leaving our lucky colleagues to direct the removals van on Wednesday!



28 thoughts on “RESULT OF BIOPSY

  1. I have only just seen your post gillyk. I must have missed it first time around. I was wondering how you had got on with your biopsy. Sorry to hear it’s news that may have caused you some shock and worry, but glad that it has been caught early. If they are caught early I understand that they can be dealt with very well. Pity you have to lose a bit of your thumb, but hopefully you will learn to adjust with your new thumb !
    From what I have heard, they are not necessarily caused by the sun and can come up anywhere on the body, so you mustn’t feel that your trip overseas has necessarily caused it.
    take care and hope that you both enjoyed those profiteroles ! 😀 xxx


  2. Gilly
    I’m so sorry to hear this though I had read it was likely to be…I was hoping not.
    My thoughts are with you….Such a shame it’s happened now.I hope you find a good kind GP now you’ve moved,Sending you love,Kathryn


  3. Wow Gillyk……… Thank God the melanoma has been caught early and you know to get Madame Thumb cut down to size asap….. but all the same not at all a nice prospect to have to be confronted with and especially at this time. Am so sorry I was not around earlier to catch your news sooner.

    BIG HUGE HUGS and more profiteroles. And prayers as always.xxxxx


  4. I am so sorry to hear this news, gillyk. My heart is with you, and of course, my prayers too. How good that you did not ignore it (as I might have done), and are now dealing with the problem. But coming as it does, at a time when you were so busy with preparations for retirement, it is a reminder to all of us, that there is no real retirement in life. We are always faced with challenges and tests… and so become all the more appreciative of the joys in life. In getting to know you, with all the limitations of acquaintance by way of internet, I have found you such an open and aware person, that I have great faith in your ability to withstand this momentary suffering, and in your ability to find both strength and wisdom in dealing with this hardship.


  5. so sorry you have to deal with this , but so good you caught it early. hope you enjoyed the prof rolls, i love them but on my diet they are a sin xxx

    wishing you all the best with the move and pray one day i have the privilege to meet up xx


  6. Ahhhh……Caught it early then…..All Shall Be well! Wise to get it done asap! Hugs! :)xx
    P.S. Watch for my next post this evening…..little surprise…:roll: ;)x


  7. So glad I caught this post when I logged on gilly. Hope the move all goes well and sorry to hear about the melanoma but pleased they have got rid of it. My Dad had one on his back, but he couldn’t see it so I hope your ‘ little’ thumb is happy with the outcome. I’m back at the weekend when I hope to catch up with everyone :))


  8. I am most sorry to hear about this. I was just passing by and there was your latest news. I immediately thought about all the times you were in the sun helping the locals in Nigeria, as a younger woman with children of your own. Too much sun. How strange to be hit on that area and not on one’s nose, or back of the hand.
    I am most sorry and I will say a prayer for you that all comes out easily and that you heal fast, and that the loss of the thumb tip will not be missed too much.
    Did you ever play the organ or piano in church? I supposed you shall have to try and change your angle next time you play. Reaching further for that key. May it all heal fast and well. Sincerely: Charlotte XXX


  9. Excellent that it was caught early. I just heard a very interesting piece about how when melanomas are caught early, they is no problem. You have already learned how to use a strange thumb…and so that shouldn’t be a problem:) Enjoy those profiteroles:)x


  10. Ahhhh…I’m DELIGHTED it was caught so quickly and now you’ll be sorted….but your poor thumb! Hugs! It had to happen now didn’t it, when you’re all up the wall moving an all….


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