On Friday we had been summoned to a last chat with our Bish. He has been great, very supportive and interested, and we’ve had more visits from him to some of our church events than we had in the previous parish in 10 years! So yes, if there’s anybody out there wondering whether to apply for a job in this diocese – it’s very much recommended.

We’ve had some difficult, complex and heavy decisions to make but we’ve always found our diocesan officers really helpful and constructive. This is not by any means a frequent situation – many are the clergy and congregations who feel they are in a running battle with senior personnel – and we’re so grateful that our last job has been undergirded consistently with an Archdeacon who has always seen our point of view and has guided us expertly through the hoops.

He even turned up today, bless him, coming on from another church, to be there for our final service.

And wow, what a service it has been! I’d put together a simple, informal service with lots of singing of our favourite hymns and songs – our church does like to sing.

I couldn’t BELIEVE the number of people who turned up! 8| Hub has worked tirelessly over the past 5 years networking locally with community and other faith leaders, and invited all and sundry, never dreaming that so many would come πŸ˜€ We even had some police there to represent the forces to which he’s been a voluntary chaplain.

We had to get loads of extra chairs – the place was full to the doors and there was a lovely atmosphere. The singing was great, lots of people were involved, and Hub preached one of his best talks ever (Sis reckons he’s an outstanding speaker and she’s heard a few. Not prejudiced of course πŸ˜‰ )

Then Community Minister had organised a barbeque lunch, and there was lots of chatting, and some tears too, and we came away just as the next congregation started to come in for their service.

We tottered back home for a quiet cup of tea with my sister, who had left home at 7am to be with us, and eldest daughter and granddaughter.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for Hub. What a lovely, lovely send-off – so well-deserved, and not at all expected.

How is he celebrating???

By washing all his clerical collars :crazy:


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  1. Awwwwww Gilly, how absolutely lovely was that! You couldn’t possibly wish for anything more….I think people spoke with their feet and turned out for him because he has earned their love and respect….that’s the best type of attendance…..WONDERFUL stuff but also incredibly emotional I imagine….awwwwww…..good luck to both of you, you’ve earned the right to put your feet up….although I imagine you both getting up to all sorts of interesting things! xxxxxxxx


  2. Reading your friends comments [ above ] made me realise what I’ve been missing……….. sad that time doesn’t allow us to follow the ups and downs of the lives of others. [ My guess is that you’ll be as busy as ever in 2 or 3 months time ]. David.


      1. After ‘ retirement ‘ I took a new job in the middle East then 6 years later came back and started a company. Retirement doesnt suit everybody………… just a change of direction. Occasionally I feel it would be good just to do photography. David


  3. So much has happened to you and your family, gillyk! I have been huddled away trying to get over the bad treatment I was given in the hospital last October by the Muslim docs. I was a virtual prisoner for five days until I allowed them to do a cardiac catheterization (painful and unnecessary.) I am still trying to get over it, pain and the effects of Gadolinium, a very poisonous dye. Too much to tell.
    I missed the train several times with your life, gilly k. And the lives of all the other ones I love so much. Shimon is about the only one I write for because I have been busy studying Jerusalem and the Jews for the past three years. Amazing people as you well know. Only a Jew could have become Jesus our Lord. Only a Jew would have had the determination and courage to have underwent the punishments our Savior endured for our behalf.
    I think of you often, gillyk, and please forgive me for not keeping in touch. May you enjoy every day of freedom from now on. Loads of caring and many Blessings: Charlotte XXX


    1. Thanks, Marika! Just checking round the house making a final to-do list. Hub goes later today and I will follow after the removals van has been on Wednesday.


  4. A great send-off! You must be proud of him. My father says that retirement is like taking a huge burden off your shoulder. Wish you two the best. πŸ™‚ x


  5. What a wonderful day for you both to be surrounded by family, friends and parishioners must have been so uplifting. While i’m sure you feel sad about leaving all that behind you must both also be feeling excited about this new chapter in your lives. I wish you both much happiness and a long and healthy retirement, God Bless you both xx


    1. Thanks, MR. You don’t realise it at the time – it’s only on such an occasion and it comes as a surprise!

      The removals van comes on Wednesday and then I will finally be able to relax.


  6. That sounds lovely – it sounds a very good send off service – well done to you BOTH…. Am so glad lots of people turned up and you had a good sing-song…

    Wow…. I imagine you must feel pretty emotional now….. blimey….. BIG HUGE HUGS XXXXX


    1. It hasn’t really hit me yet … but it’s so lovely seeing Hub on cloud 9 after all the trouble and work and trauma he’s had!

      Thank you for the hugs!!!


      1. I was leading and we all got up to sing the first hymn which was ‘Holy holy holy’ (do you have that one? it’s especially wonderful) and I was just HIT by this incredible wave of spiritual power that came surging towards me from the congregation! Amazing :yes: One person even came up to me afterwards – a prison chaplain so he’s seen a few things – and he was very emotional, and when he’d mastered himself he told me that he had the clear impression that angels were gathering around the walls of the room 8| … quite something!!!


      2. How wonderful… and I’m sure he was right about the angels :yes: Not sure if I know that hymn or not… would need to know the next line, but I think I found the one on youtube and it is very special.


      3. But in trawling Youtube I realise how shockingly ignorant I am about Mormons … 😳 I’m sure I must have known at one stage … but I see their Tabernacle Choir have changed the words so there is no reference to the Trinity – they obviously don’t believe in it!!! 8|


      4. I discovered recently that the Redeemed Christian Church of God, together with some other pentecostal denominations, don’t believe that Jesus is God – they split hairs and say that he’s the son of God but not God the Son … ???

        Hub and I discussed it vaguely because it’s an ancient Christian heresy – can’t remember what it’s called! :??:

        So then the question is, when is a Christian not a Christian???

        Only I can’t be bothered πŸ˜‰ it’s up to God to know who’s who!!


      5. Arianism? :crazy: ??? I don’t know either!

        I guess a Christian is anybody who considers that they follow Christ whatever/whomever they hold him to be re God or son of God etc? so what that entails can be very debateable … and quite scary too without it being pinned down in some sort of fashion…..but yeah….God knows! πŸ™‚


      6. That’s the one!! :yes:

        I think St Paul has it best: it’s about believing in our hearts and confessing with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, the Son of God and the only Saviour of the world.

        But like we’re saying … only God knows a person’s true heart …


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