– to blog here, folks: the pace is hotting up! The house is emptying: the hall table and corner cupboard have now gone to ebay people and I’m wondering what’s happened to the guy who’s bought my Mum’s tumble drier :??:

Constant phone calls, stuff to sort, pack and shift: and our last service to finalise.

Thought I had done that – but got a call from Hub at the photocopier: ‘there’s no talk!!!’

‘Wodja mean, there’s no talk???’

‘There’s no talk … I’ll bring it back and you can see.’

Sure enough – the bit about his talk had dropped off the bottom of the page. In order to keep the service to 4 sides of A5 I had had to print outside the margins and it must have got lost then.

:**: I reduce the type size, re-arrange the pages so that there is more margin at the bottom, press print …

… and nothing happens. Rats. Am out of A5 …

Anyway, it’s sorted now, and Hub has no longer dropped off the bottom 😉

Off to drag out pots and pans and give them a stare |-|

I’m popping in from time to time when I get cheesed off, and trying to keep up with you guys :wave:

(PS I am getting cheesed off A LOT 😉 )


16 thoughts on “NOT MUCH TIME AGAIN …

  1. We should feel privileged – I do – that you find time to pop in here….keeping us ‘with you’ at this ‘frantic time’…I can see smiles on your face…..:>> Take Care! Hugs! :)xx


  2. Oh my….I’m breathless for you! I hope it all gets sorted and calms down and goes smoothly…if such things are possible when moving house!!!!
    Don’t forget to throw in PLENTY of cups of coffee to keep you going!

    Good luck on Monday…fingers crossed me dear girl!!!xxxxx


  3. I can completely understand what you are going through….juggling a lot of balls in the air. I am sure it will be settled soon, and then you can sit down and have a well earned cup of tea:)x


    1. Thanks, MR … down to the last annoying bits and pieces now, the sort of things you don’t really know what to do with! We are hugely downsizing from a 6-bed vicarage to a retirement flat 😉 so nearly everything here has to go, as it won’t fit in there 😦


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