There are loads of last-minute meetings before we leave. Today the diocesan bods were over to inspect ‘the property’ gravely and to thank me for doing a good job in looking after it. Is that all I get?? I deserve a medal!!!  

Most rooms are piled with boxes and I am trying to clean as I go along. Some of the furniture is selling on ebay but I can see a call to British Heart Foundation coming on. I thought, as ‘they’ are going to let it, I could leave a couple of bits of furniture … … oh no, I was told, everything has to go:  

It’s not all bad. Yesterday Community Minister took us out for lunch as a leaving present – lovely! Our first meeting had been in the pub so it seemed only right to finish up there too  

And two of our daughters handed us a voucher for a High Tea at a rather classy garden centre. We took some time off on Monday and sat outside in the sun, drinking tea out of REAL bone china cups and wading our way through a tiered cake stand full of delicious sandwiches and fresh scones with jam and cream … … we had to take the cheesecake home with us. After we had gone for a little waddle round the park.

Today I’m off to the hospital again, unconnected with Madame Thumb, for some investigations. I could do without this on top of everything else but hey, thank the Lord that the good ole NHS is on to it so efficiently.

Even so …

I get the results of my thumb biopsy on Monday. After Hub has driven away. He’s going to the flat to start putting flat-pack furniture together, so we’ve got something to unpack into.

And I follow on Wednesday, once the removals guys have been. Not sure whether to try and book an advance train ticket – but they don’t know when they’ll be here, and it would not be clever to have a ticket I couldn’t use because they hadn’t finished.  


Do your best
then take a rest
and sing yourself a song.
When there’s too much to do
Don’t let it trouble you
Just keep on singing all day long
like the cheerful chickadee …
Whistle while you work

Put on that grin
and start right in
to whistle while you work


(What happens if, like me, you can’t whistle????)


(image from http://filmic-light.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/fan-art-whistle-while-you-work-vogue.html )


  1. You have been kept so busy with the move and retirement that I am sure you will t know what’s ht you wgen you get to Devon. All the best, I’ll be thinking of you 🙂


  2. Glad to see from the comments that all went well at the ho’pital yesterday…:)

    I do wish your diocesan bods were more appreciative and helpful :> huh… I’d leave a big poo in the middle of the floor for them….. one left over from the people that visit your garden that I recall reading about many blog posts ago!

    Not sure that would fit in with my nonviolent communication course but hey… 😉

    I am hoping all this ghastliness you are dealing with is all to get it out the way so that when you are in your noo place all will go swimmingly as a reward…. or something…. :>>



    1. The big poo idea is tempting … :> … but when I’ve worked so hard to keep the wretched house under control might that be shooting myself in the foot??? 🙄

      Thanks EVER so much for hugs and support! :yes:


      1. 🙂

        I still think the Big Poo left right in the middle of the floor in the biggest downstairs room is the answer. Decorated and with a flag stuck in the middle 🙂

        Call me childish…;) xxxx


  3. Oh Gilly, such a busy bust time and a little sad I imagine. It must be hard to up sticks and leave so much behind….I hope it all works out wonderfully for you, I;m sure it will once the dust settles and you get a chance to breathe and reflect on it all.

    Good luck with the NHS investigations and fingers crossed for your thumb.

    I hate to say it buy I’m a rather wonderful whistler. My Mum hated women whistling and had a rhyme…a whistling woman and a crowing hen [I know!] drives the devil out of his den!


    1. How funny – Lissa just told me of that rhyme! I’ve never come across it before.

      Thanks so much for your good wishes. All went well at the hospital today – phew!!!! Thank the Lord!


  4. Keep those ‘spirits’ high…..if you can’t whistle….Just “put your lips together and ‘Blow’…” You could ‘la-de-da’…..doom-doom…or simply hee-hee….;)xx


  5. When I was a little girl I learnt to whistle by sucking instead of blowing which was much easier: Have you tried that? I was grown-up before I could do it the right way. My grandmother (who could whistle – both a tune and the two fingers in the mouth cab-hailing variety) taught me the rhyme,
    “A whistling woman and a crowing hen
    Is neither use to God nor men”

    During our parish’s numerous interregnums our rectory has been let. Both the last rector (female) and the last-but-one rector’s wife left the rectory immaculate, but the tenants after the last-but-one wrecked the place so that thousands had to be spent to make it habitable again. It is now being lived in by the curate from a neighbouring parish after we begged ‘them at Lincoln’ not to put tenants in again (though I’m not sure that is the reason we got the curate and his wife – more likely just fortuitous timing.)

    More importantly, good luck with both the move and the NHS.


    1. Practising!

      Yes, we’re hoping that they will put someone in here who will be able to help – but they are very anxious for it not to be empty, for security reasons.

      All is well according to the NHS, for which I am very thankful. Thanks for your good wishes.


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