Well, IKEA DID turn up yesterday! Some items missing, which they will deliver another day, and duplicates of a couple of others. So that was a big relief :yes: – and all the storage units are there, which are the main thing.

The self-assembly bunkbeds arrived: we’ve got as far as putting one together. And the sofabed came too – very careful delivery guys, took the feet off to ensure it got into the bedroom without being spoiled.

Although the flat’s been decorated, the decorator hadn’t touched the inside of the little fitted cupboard in the smallest room, so we decided that we wanted to freshen it up – I managed to get paint on pretty well everything :crazy: but it’s water-soluble – I hope!!

Hub hit 66 while we were there, so we went out for a lovely meal overlooking the harbour. We still can’t believe that we are really moving here. It’s not quite real yet! Next time I buy a train ticket it will be one-way only …. 8|

On our way home last night we called in on Youngest Daughter, who is in the throes of packing – 8 months pregnant, with a two-year-old – and moving today. Let’s hope the baby doesn’t get fed up with all this activity and decide to turn up early … U-( We dropped off her birthday present, which is next weekend – but it’s a very busy day for her as she’s organising a party for the 10-year celebration of the charity she works with.

‘Don’t forget to have a birthday’ I said …

And some really good news from Son: after a year’s unemployment (despite his PhD) he has finally been offered some part-time teaching-assistant work for 6 weeks, helping the slow learners to get ready for their BTech exams. Well, that will give him a taste of the realities of the classroom, ahead of his PGCE which he starts in the autumn. On a scholarship, thank the Lord.

Now to put the last bits of stuff on ebay …


25 thoughts on “BACK FROM DEVON

  1. My goodness Gilly, it’s all happening for you at the moment for sure!!!! Moving house is a big enough deal and on top of that a baby due???? deep breathing required me dear girl…
    I’m breathing with you….in out…in out….better????

    wow……I hope it all goes smoothly!!!!xxxxx


  2. Wow what a lot of shuffling about you and your family are embroiled in … and birthdays too…and a baby…. But how wonderful that you are getting your place all ready in Devon and things are happening and moving along….

    Crikey… sounds as if things are all rapidly coming together at last? HUGS!!!xxxx


  3. Don’t forget…BOTH of YOU….Take short ‘breaks in between’….like that timely Birthday Celebration…..Mmmmm…Happy Belated Birthday to ‘Hubs’…..Hugs! :)x


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