Well, that’s what our house looks like! City Mission arrived yesterday to take away all the beds except ours, and a number of other items as well. Lots of stuff have gone in different directions and we are piling up some stuff for youngest daughter, who is about to move into their first own home (c/o Mr Mortgage) just before the appearance of next Gorgeous Grandchild in June …

… I really don’t know how we manage this, but it seems that we all move at once in our family. Eldest Daughter moved last year, Daughter 2 has just moved, now Daughter 3 … that leaves Son, who may well move when his PGCE starts in September!

Anyway. Tables and chairs have also disappeared so we’re eating in the kitchen. Our bed is going on Sunday so it will be mattresses on the floor for us. Somebody has actually bought my sparkling mirror and dressing table and that’s going tomorrow. And our sofa is going tomorrow too …

Most of the rooms are looking empty and forlorn, with caches of boxes both full and empty! But we are getting through it all, bit by bit, and I’m pleased with the way things are going. In 2 and a half weeks it should all be over, and we will be on to the next phase – staring at our boxes in the flat and wondering where on earth we are going to put everything!


(From http://www.ivyfurniture.co.uk/ii_moving_made_easy.php)


16 thoughts on “HAVE THE BAILIFFS BEEN??

  1. Wow the upheaveling of it all… and I don’t like not having all the furniture there and I’m glad you still have a BED to lie on 8| How very unsettling and wearisome…. but hey… this time next year and all this will be a painful and distant memory :>>

    I’m trying to look on the bright side???? 😉

    You manage to sound very upbeat in spite of all the rocks life keeps chucking at you all! Prayers coming over your way! HUGS


    1. Many thanks – IKEA have just told us they want to deliver the week after next, not next week when we are in Devon!!! – we have managed to persuade them to change it back :crazy:


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