Right, I said, fixing Madame Thumb with a firm look.  Time to stop lounging on your Louis XVI (I think…)  daybed, threatening to show people your scar, and get to work.

Whaddyamean, you can’t?!  

Rubbish, of course you can.  This way.


She was not best pleased.  By the time she’d sorted, packed, cleaned, carried boxes up and down stairs etc she was getting thoroughly fed up.

Oooooooooh yes.  She’s been spoilt.  Back to work and not a moment too soon.

And of course then she was whingeing that her red dress was ruined … and I unkindly told her that it was tatty enough to be the red cap of a French Revolutionary.
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake.  I was then treated to a medley from Les Miserables, sung off-key  

I made her do the ironing, in revenge…

… oh great.  Now it’s a cracked version of the Marseillaise …

I know what to do about that  

Peace at last …



  1. Glad to hear Madame Thumb is well enough to get back to work after her op…. What a thing to have to go through when you are all in the throws of moving and packing up etc 🙄 – just what you need I’m sure….!! Has she got a pince-nez? xxxx


  2. Hahahahahaha….bang her on the door! That’ll sort her out….my my, you DO sound busy, good luck with it all….was going to say take it easy but fat chance of that eh?xxxx


    1. Lots to do but every so often when we get fed up with give ourselves a break even if it’s only to watch the dreaded snooker! Hub of course is still working, but we’re glad we started the whole process well in advance – it should cut down on the final panic stations 😉 Thanks, PP!!


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