Yes, it’s now 7 days so the bandage is off! The tiny stitches are still there but I am assured they will dissolve.

Madame Thumb is now convinced she has lost weight. She is attired in a fetching tight-fitting red number and is twirling and pirouetting before the (sparkling clean) mirror despite my heavy hints that her bum DOES look big in it :yes:

Undeterred, she is now sashaying up and down thinking she’s some kind of supermodel, determined to collect compliments. As if. :**:


I have pointed out that although she’s had cosmetic surgery the doctor removed a chunk from her BRAIN not her hips.

Mind you, that would be difficult. He wouldn’t have been able to find it :crazy:

She is on her way to joining the Working Class asap. She has been warned.


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32 thoughts on “SUPERMODEL THUMB

  1. Ahh, dear slimline thumb πŸ™‚ let her have her moment of delusion eh? as you say she will rejoin the ranks of the workers soon enough ;D

    I have to say you are managing the thumb issue with very good humour – I hope that all is well and fully healed soon.


      1. Bloguk recognises your AMAZING contribution and wishes to ensure that your pearls of wisdom do not fall to the ground!! :yes: πŸ˜‰


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