Sunday was Eldest Granddaughter’s 7th birthday – I can hardly believe it, she was only 2 when they first came home!

Her Mum, Eldest Daughter, has followed my habit of saying ‘you can have a treat OR a party’ – so they spent the day at Waterworld with a couple of her friends having a wonderful time.

We went round to them for the evening meal and birthday cake: ED’s partner’s lovely children were there plus his brother and girlfriend and his son. That’s what I like – a house full of noisy children! :yes:

I’d taken her some clothes for her birthday and she put them on, then EG and I led the others in a conga all round the house. Including the kitchen where ED was trying to cook …

EGD and I then had a catwalk show for Mummy to see the new clothes. Also in the kitchen. ED was starting to look patient U-(

Anyway … EGD wouldn’t take them off, so she ate her birthday meal attired in Hello Kitty pyjamas and a Hello Kitty raincoat, with the hood up and fastened.


Meanwhile ED apologised for her lasagne, which she said was like soup. She blames the wok. She made her bechamel sauce in it 😉

But maybe it was the conga and the catwalk 😳


20 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY FUN

    1. Thanks – packing, sorting, arranging … lots of stuff stored in the church today for when Serena has to move … trying to get Son to get on with ebaying our stuff :**: … city mission guy coming for the rest of the beds etc on Thursday … etc etc!


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