– Getting used to the giant-sized Thumb

– Trying to hit the N more ofte … rats

– Sorting and packing: bookcases are empty, pix are down

– Very old friend stayed for 24 hours – lots of chatting – welcome respite from the boxes!

– BRILLIANT NEWS TODAY … Serena (and her daughter, little Tila) – remember them ? She’s been seeking right to remain after being trafficked to this country. Well the Home Office have reviewed all the evidence and are likely to give her 3 years, after which she must re-apply.

So she will have to move, but doesn’t own any furniture – so I asked her if she wanted some of ours (most of it came from British Heart Foundation) – she was so excited you would think she’d won the lottery. ‘I’ve been praying so much for a bed’, she said …

And Tila (who was an elective mute) is now talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for Madame Thumb … she thinks that just because she’s had An Operation she can lie on her daybed all day like the Empress Josephine and Receive Visitors and talk in Low Tones about Her Operation. She’s even offered to show a favoured few Her Scar


Hmph. Time to take her down a peg or two … tip up the daybed ??  

(PS pic is not my hand, alas )

(pic from http://www.etsy.com/listing/83506885/sore-thumb-help-heat-pack-cold-pack-for )



  1. Wonderful news about Serena and Tila though I am appalled they have to reapply in three years time…

    Hope the thumb is recovering and although I appreciate Madame Thumb is getting above herself with all the attention….. it must have hurt so HUGS….

    What a hoo haa having to be packing and dealing with a sore bandaged thumb all at the same time 😳

    Still praying…xxx


      1. Well I am sure as sure I aint the only person praying for you… :>>

        Don’t know why I did an 😳 in my first comment I think I meant 🙄 but I’m a bit delirious! :))


  2. Shame that’s not your thumb and dressing…you could start a nice line in exciting medical dressings, starting with that bright Paisley design.

    I am delighted to hear about Serena and Tila; what makes me a little heavy hearted is, that the whole process will have to be reviewed and perhaps be repeated in three years time. What a punishment and trial to handle, for someone else’s criminal actions.


    1. A very apposite comment. Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t more about egos and saving face. She’s scared to believe it at the moment, and won’t relax until she’s seen it in writing. She has had the most excellent solicitor who was prepared to offer legal aid.


      1. OH, poor you.I had that when I was 17 and it was hell.Ever since my hands have been very lined.We had a mad old doctor who gave me something from a rep and all the skin came off my hands.It was my last year at the convent school.
        Once I wen to ~Uni it went better…I was lucky…
        You are being so brave.
        I feel a little better today.I suspect the pain had made me some what depressed but it will pass I am sensitive but strong and thoughtful underneath..:))x


    1. No don’t … she’s quite full of herself enough already … NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO … now see what’s happened ?????????? *exit to balcony tugging on the Empress’s velvet train where she has gone to wave to the crowd*



  3. What a smart scarf cleverly hiding the offending thumb. Oh I do hope it keeps improving while you are so buys with your packing.

    What a lovely story with a lovely ending about Tila and her talking :):) soo pleased.

    Take care of that thumb miss gilly :)) xx


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