NO N …

I’m reading your blogs, folks, but am havi g to keep comments to the mi i u because I am a touch typist and am havi g to relearn how to type – the result bei g that my forefi ger now does the work my thumb used to do and keeps maki g mistakes – co sta tly hitti g the spacebar i stead of N a d M!!!!

Ah well :no: can’t be helped (ha! got it that ti e!!)


23 thoughts on “NO N …

  1. :)):)) Couldn’t help chickling at this..I can picture the ‘kerfuffle’…;)
    I’m a mere two – at most four – finger ‘typist’….:roll:
    You’ll soon get the ‘hang’ I’m sure….:lalala: Hugs! :)xx


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