… sore thumb! So now I know what that saying really means …



30 thoughts on “STICKS OUT LIKE A …

      1. Naughty girl replying to this, I’m ok got some liquid morphine from GP this week as struggling a bit and have a telephone appointment with my pain consultant next week. The biggest problem is the waiting game, the list for spinal injections just get longer which then makes it harder to help it. I am thinking of asking him if I could go privately for the injections. Whats money for if it’s not for helping you. Now DO NOT reply to this, just rest up and GET WELL SOON, thinking of you xxxx


  1. A bit of prevention at this stage might be a good idea. Now what was that ‘greater than’ wink emoticon Murdoch mentioned >:

    When I find it, I can show a picture taken some years ago of a real sore thumb…mine! It was not a cartoon, but that would have been hard to believe.


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