Something else I discovered today:   by Jonathan Swift (1699) – (he who wrote Gulliver’s Travels):  when he was old he resolved

“Not to

  • Marry a young Woman. 
  • Keep young Company unless they really desire it. 
  • Be peevish or morose, or suspicious. 
  • Scorn present Ways, or Wits, or Fashions, or Men, or War, etc. 
  • Be fond of Children, or let them come near me hardly. 
  • Tell the same Story over and over to the same People. 
  • Be covetous. 
  • Neglect decency, or cleanliness, for fear of falling into Nastiness. 
  • Be over severe with young People, but give Allowances for their youthfull follies, and Weaknesses. 
  • Be influenced by, or give ear to knavish tattling Servants, or others. 
  • Be too free of advise nor trouble any but those that desire it. 
  • Desire some good Friends to inform me which of these Resolutions I break, or neglect, & wherein; and reform accordingly. 
  • Talk much, nor of my self. 
  • Boast of my former beauty, or strength, or favour with Ladies, etc. 
  • Hearken to Flatteries, nor conceive I can be beloved by a young woman. 
  • Be positive or opinionated. 
  • Sett up for observing all these Rules, for fear I should observe none.”


Human nature doesn’t seem to change much!



  1. I like the word ‘come’ in this title. That is sometime in the future! Alas there are only a couple of these rules that I’m not guilty of breaking. Marry a young wife and boast of my attractiveness to young women, not tempted here.
    Telling the same story over and over again to the same people. Oh gosh the words are out of my mouth before I’ve had time to think!
    “When I was you’re age’ horrid, horrid words. They will never pass my lips again!!!! 🙄


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