That one’s too tall.
That one’s too wide.
If we put that in the bedroom we won’t get the chest of drawers in as well.
Hang on, I’m not sure if that will fit …
what can we do with a lounge that doesn’t have any corners??
That one’s lovely …
… I know. WAY too expensive.

And so the discussion has gone, the past week when we were down in Devon, concerning storage options, wardrobes, shelving and the like.

Then today we walked into IKEA, and suddenly we were able to find combinations and permutations that fitted and were far less expensive than anywhere else we’d looked.

So if we have THIS cupboard with THAT set of shelves then we can get the piano on that wall AND some bookcases …

Now ‘all’ I have to do is sit down and work out when we can next go down to Devon to take delivery and start muddling our way through the assembly of flat-pack furniture  


(from )

Anyway, decisions have been made and that is a step forward. Hub has also just emptied the attic – another step forward. Next week we must start doing some more sorting, and packing, and putting present furniture on ebay (far too big for a small flat, unfortunately).

In between all the other things that are going on


29 thoughts on “AT LAST … SOME DECISIONS

  1. Decisions, decisions, gilly, you will make loads over the next few weeks/months with the move. Some liberating some not but you have lots to look forward to. Just take care while moving you can overdo it and not realise it until its too late xx


      1. Oh, I do know that gilly, I’ve just got back from my GP with some liquid morphine as I have overdone things and in a mess with pain and still on a waiting list for my next injection so its only a temporary fix. The biggest problems is that the worst pain seems to come after I’ve done some jobs and not during so you just keep thinking, I’ll do a bit more. I’ve been having a massive clear out of clothes and that’s what has triggered mine of as I needed to try a lot on which is a lot of bending etc. Anyway I digress, you just take heed and be careful, xx


      2. oh dear Barbara, so sorry. It’s very hard to say no to oneself when you’re feeling fine! Take your pills and get some rest and do hope you’ll be feeling better in a day or two. Big hugs!


  2. I remember visiting a cousin of my mother’s who had lived all her life in large Victorian vicarages – first her father’s and later her husband’s. To fit these houses they had bought large Victorian furniture, most of which she had inherited, although her brothers also had large Victorian furniture in their own large Victorian vicarages and had maybe inherited some of the parental furniture. Now a widow she was living in a modest 1930s bungalow filled with her large Victorian furniture with very little floor space on which to move between the pieces of the afore-mantioned large Victorian furniture.

    Good Luck!


    1. Yes, it is always a challenge. My grandparents moved from a huge vicarage to a bungalow. My parents had to downsize somewhat when the diocese built a new and much more sensible house in the grounds of the old vicarage – but then had to downsize again when they finally retired.

      We had to give away all our furniture when we went to Romania in 2002, as we could not afford storage for an indefinite period. So when we came to this parish in 07 we had to start from scratch – and furnished it mainly secondhand, from British Heart Foundation etc. So there are no period pieces, except our coffee table which we don’t think can come with us – that will be sad!

      Thanks for the goodluck wish – we’re gonna need it!


  3. Moving is such hard work and it takes such a long time to get properly organized thats why for older people its not a good idea to move when your already seventy years old like used to happen, people are moving much earlier now into retirement homes then getting on with living.xx


      1. So glad we settled into our bungalow five years ago i am seventy next month and we are fairly organized now for the rest of our life which means we can get on with living.xx


  4. Your room without corners, do I take it you have a large curvature? Or would it be a tower, circular of course?

    Yours puzzled ❓

    Modular furnishings can be a great way to build up what you want. Learning to become experts with IKEA flatpacks, will put you head and shoulders above the rest. You could start a blog, for flatpackers!
    (Using a nom de plume, so, you don’t get flattened with multiple blogging).


    1. Very wise advice!

      It’s a bit difficult to describe the living room. When you go in the door is hard up against the left hand wall, which ends a few feet later when it turns left into a sort of hallway or corridor which leads to the bedrooms. The wall behind the door runs up to the picture window, covered in curtain – so couldn’t put anything in the corner there. The other end of the window, which is full length and runs the width of the room, joins a very narrow bit of wall which immediately has a doorway into it leading into the kitchen. The rest of that wall runs into the corridor.

      I’m not at all sure this is clear and don’t know how to draw it … but it’s certainly a challenge we haven’t had before!


      1. Is there a viewpoint? Very often picture windows of the type you describe, were designed for the purpose of enjoying a particular view. Big windows, or, lots of them, do limit what can be done in terms of storage and furnishing. If there’s a bit of skirting and wall up to windows of a useful measurement, a bit of diverse thinking can be applied.


      2. The window is floor to ceiling and overlooks the trees at the front. If there’d been a bit of wall I would have been tempted to think in terms of a window seat.

        Not to worry. We Shall Prevail. Somehow!


  5. Excellent option….Good Old IKEA…whatever shortcomings there may be…;)
    Thinking of you!
    Not sure whether you have indicated a ‘terminus ad quem’….:roll:;)xx


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