A few months ago I noticed that one corner of my thumbnail was a bit black. I assumed that I’d got some dirt in it but when I tried to get it out, nothing happened. Then I thought I might have got some felt tip in it when I was playing with the children.

Then I noticed that it was spreading under the skin. This was a bit weird, so I trotted off to my GP. She thought it was a fungal infection and sent me off to the dermatologist.

The dermatologist was very thorough and careful, called in a colleague to check her diagnosis and had a photo taken. She said it was a pseudonomas and here were some drops to use.

I used them 2 and 3 times a day for the last 6 weeks – can’t say I can see much difference. I’ve cut the nail down as far as possible to cut out the weird bit.

I went back to the skin doctor yesterday. She looked at it again, said it had changed character, called in her colleague again who had agreed, then sent me off for more photos.

And she’s referring me to the consultant, and I’m to go to hospital for a biopsy.

And it might be carcinoma 8|

And if it is then I will have to lose some of my thumb 88|

Now that will affect my typing!! :-/

Ho hum, no point in worrying until I find out whether there’s anything to worry about – and there’s probably not much point in worrying then, either :no:

But easier said than done :**:

So back to the prayer deck :yes:



40 thoughts on “MY WEIRD THUMBNAIL

  1. Oh you poor love!!!! How worrying….I have my fingers and toes and thumbs crossed for you and will say LOTS of prayers that it is nothing….

    It’s one thing after another….ahhh…hugs.xxxxxxx


  2. Sorry to hear about this G. Ihope it is not cancer but at the same time, if it only there and no where else the loss of the thumb may be a small price to pay. In my nursing experience as well as that of my dad who lost his whole right arm in his early 20s, you will adapt and after a while not notice it missing at all, even when typing, 99% of the time.


    1. Thanks for this comment, LLLC. My daughter (a surgeon) said that even if it’s cancer then there are worse places to have it, and she is quite right too.


  3. HUGE HUGS…. and many many prayers. How very alarming for you….. Many prayers for you Gillyk…. that it is just the fungal weirdness and nothing more.xxxxxxxxxxx

    I could carve you a long pointed prosthetic fingertip/nail so you can type, so it’ll be ok…


    1. :)) ha ha ha, I would love that – could it be curved and GREEN and very threatening like a witch’s please???????????????? 8|

      Thanks so much for the greatly-appreciated prayers too!


      1. Yes! a green talon with a hairy wart. Just think of all the damage I can do 😉

        Daughter 1 suggested a hook. I also like this idea. I would be able to hook round people’s ice creams and whisk them away and gobble them up while cackling nastily on my broomstick :yes:


      2. :)) you could also make good use of it eating shell fish 8| cockles and winkles and the like – very useful thing to have a small hook handy…. HANDY… geddit….

        I’ll get my coat…:oops: :))


      3. Or I could hire myself out and hang around near cockle stalls and offer to get people’s shellfish out for a VERY LARGE FEE … 🙄


      4. I could wear my long black cloak and a pointy hat with a cobweb and a spider on it … and I could wave my talon and tell everyone it had Magical Powers …


  4. I had a funny thumb nail – the nail dropped off twice or three times before it grew back properly and a friend (nurse) told me it was fungal, and that took a couple of years. Sometime during its last stages before recovering another friend (pharmacist) told me a horror story about a nail where the infection turned out to be carcinogenic. I said I would talk to a doctor if the nail went bad again. It didn’t.


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