17 thoughts on “COUNTING SINS

  1. I love that article.I think humility is necessary for creation too as well as spiritual development.Maybe there’s a connection somehow.
    And in the Tao [?],”To be on a level with the dust of the earth.That is the supreme virtue.”


    1. Yes indeedy … but I think it’s worth teasing out exactly what ‘judging’ is … I suspect it’s to do with that thing where we think we are better than the other person 🙄


      1. Hmmm….Yes, and I wonder if also it is about the position from which you judge as well – as of … are you judging from a compassionate stance or from a disapproving and condemning position….. so perhaps also includes the ‘sentence’ you have in mind as of whether you dismiss the other person as less than yourself etc… Tricksy….. To me judgement implies sentencing? (she said all tied in knots…..) So then the sentence might be your own in the end!


      2. God was rather stern about this with me in Nigeria 😦 and I needed it … sometimes if you are feeling insecure then you criticise other people :no: And God showed me I was thinking that the other person was somehow ‘less’ than me 8| – which horrified me, naturally, because I didn’t realise I was doing it. Sometimes it’s not comfortable having a truthful God :**: but of course He was right as usual … said ‘I love them just as much as you, you know’ 😳


      3. Well … I do think there’s a difference between ‘being judgemental’ and being realistic about other people … but the line is a fine one :yes:


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