AT LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve been waiting since the end of November for 4 lots of lawyers (don’t ask) to wade at snail’s pace through all the ins and outs of co-buying our retirement flat with the C of E Pensions Board.

A phone call today from the estate agents said they had excellent news … exchanged, completed, and the key is ready for collection!!!


So now I know what we’ll be doing next week :yes: 😉

Dear me. Not sure I can cope with 2 bits of good news in one week … 8|


34 thoughts on “AT LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Indeed it is – nightmare. My second daughter has just been through all that. We live in a ‘tied house’ ie vicarage so we just leave it – lucky really!


  1. WOW!!! What smashin news and HOW very exciting!!!! I have a large bottle of bubbly here to celebrate with you!!!! Maybe some piccies….pretty please????xxxxx


      1. Hahahahahaha…I’m used to you now after the cheesie bread incident so I have myself a hidden stash!!!!Once bitten twice shy an all that….xxxxx


      2. Hahahaha…my dear girl after waiting since november you are MOST welcome to the whole bottle…I’ll even throw in a CRUSTY cheesie bread roll with something wonderful on it…xxxxx


  2. Lovely….btw….I do know what you mean about the Church etc and property. I can remember when I was about 10 years old my Dad wanted to buy the freehold of our house from the Church.

    Why can I remember this? Because Dad is/was Dutch and took me 2 weeks to get him to be able to say ‘VICAR’ It did take near 2 years back in late 50’s before they got the ‘higher authorites’ to even start work on even considering transfering rights.

    P xx


    1. Tell me about it … the church has got a lot more professional than it was back then, but even so, there are still numerous procedures … :**: Did you parents get the house in the end?


      1. Yes, they had already bought the house but was leasehold. The solicitor told him (as we all know today) that for selling it was better to be freehold…yes that got that through eventually.


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