Goodness me. Instead of the choice of the next Archbishop of Cant being done behind closed doors in a process veiled in secrecy, the dear old C of E has decided to go all social-networking. There’s going to be a twitter site, so we can all say what we think – and it’s going to be open to other faiths too.

Very good idea 88|

Credit where credit’s due 😉


8 thoughts on “TURN UP FOR THE BOOKS

    1. The decision will certainly be done in house, but I think garnering opinions more widely first should mean, in theory, that the selectors will have a much broader idea of people’s hopes. Whether they pay any mind to it is another matter!


    1. As the ABC is a leading churchman internationally I think it’s a good idea that other faiths get their say, PP – glad you agree. The decision of course will be made by our lot!


  1. hmm. good on them for being open and available, but i hasten to add, why other faiths?
    do other faiths attend CoE services? Is this a usual thing that all religions will be doing in future? if so, nice one. look forward to them all getting along happily together afterall, they all spread the same message.
    kaye x


    1. Presumably because the ABC has to act as head of ‘our’ religion in relation to other faiths. This is becoming increasingly important as religion plays such a huge part in world events. I don’t agree that they all spread the same message!


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