I have been trying to capture the scene outside my study window, which is upstairs, but my little camera is not up to the job.

The sky is an exquisite opalescent green with the last flushes of sunset just above the rooftops, which are standing out in silhouette.

Halfway up the sky is a crescent moon, with the north star faithfully in attendance and Venus shining nearby like silver filigree.

Words are not enough. Not even poetic words.


16 thoughts on “SO BEAUTIFUL

  1. Was able to identify with you… and catch your feeling through the wind, so to speak… without the picture, and without the words that satisfied you… but I know the feeling.


  2. seems you don’t need a camera with words put so perfectly.
    some times words are more than enough to inspire and leave a life long impression.
    have a wonderful day x


    1. I fiddled with the settings for ages but just couldn’t find the right one … I took a couple of pictures which for some reason did not contain the moon – ???


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