I don’t think I will be the only one to feel sorry that Rowan Williams is stepping down next year and will become the Master of Magdalene College in Cambridge in 2013. Even people who don’t subscribe to the Christian faith often speak warmly of him. He has been our Archbish at a very difficult time, and is steering us through with wisdom, spiritual insight and kindness. His learning has meant that he’s been able to hold his own with the best minds of our time, but he never loses sight of the bedrock of our faith.

He will be a hard act to follow.




  1. I am very sorry that he is going and wonder who on earth can follow him. He seems a wonderful man of great wisdom and intelligence. Well I guess it will be a great time to shake everything up a bit even more 8| and I hope all works out for the great raving best….:yes:


      1. Yes I’m not surprised…. very nerve-wracking old time and I guess you have a lot of insights and knowledge as to possibilities of who might be the next Archbish… have to say I got the newspaper at the weekend to read up about it. (The Guardian).

        I truly hope the best man for the job gets chosen….. Shall miss Rowan Williams.


      2. thank you … guess that will definitely make it into my prayers over the next little while!! We’ve got huge issues and apparently irreconcilable viewpoints … :**:


      3. :no:

        The RCs are causing offence and outrage with their stance on gay ‘marriage’ at the moment, and for speaking out about it. Can’t see them caving in over it either so that is going to be interesting. More dogged Catholics trudging along with the media hooting and heckling them….. :))


  2. I can only say I am glad he’s gone, perhaps now we will get someone that sticks up for the church, england and god.

    He was far too liberal, and the effect of his 10 years is plain to see in the decline of both church and country.

    Who ever is next, I doubt we could do worse. Dr John Sentamu would be great as a replacement.


      1. My fear would be that Dr. John Sentamu, who is a wonderfully sincere and charismatic man, could (like Pope John Paul II) easily charm the church into accepting a conservative status quo on too many issues thus postponing the full and open debate which they deserve.


      2. Yes possibly, I don’t know. I think the thing about Sentamu which the establishment won’t like is that he has a tendency to pop up where you least expect him – the C of E could do with that!


  3. The Scramble is on…..Well Done Rowan! An extremely hard act to follow….
    Quo Vadis Church of England…:roll:
    P.S. Always knew he would return to Academia….:)xx


    1. Yes, they are – typically courteous. I wonder if he will make more progress with some things, now that everyone knows he’s stepping down – or will there be more resistance from certain quarters, in the hope of getting a different attitude with the next ABC? Only time will tell!


    1. Yes, Aven, many of us will really miss him and his wise leadership. I’m always impressed with what he says, the way he doesn’t take sides, and the way he can see all the aspects of a situation but is able to steer a positive way through. There are not many like him.


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