When I had my graduation last year I decided to have one of those photo packages, if only to confirm to me that it really was true, I really had graduated! I got the cheapest package, and I only wanted one anyway … but it still included some smaller ones.

I wondered what to do with them – I’m loath to throw them away because they did cost me money. So I sent off an email to my nearest and dearest, asking if anyone wanted one – expecting to get exactly what I did – a barrage of rude remarks |-|

Son enquired as to whether I didn’t have enough loos to put them in.
Daughter 3, independently, said if there were any left she would put one in her loo.
Daughter 2 said she would have one, she could do with a good laugh.
Bro said if I sent him one it could join his in the dark and then he would be able to NOT look at them both together


Only my sister was nice to me. Right. I will leave her my fortune :yes: The others can whistle :lalala:



  1. lol, love it gilly, I remember this with my kids. All the Grandparents and my sister had them and are still on display for the kids to cringe every time they see their photos. Well done with the degree by the way 🙂


    1. Thanks, Kit! I suspect they are proud of me really but in our family we tease each other and send each other up as a back-handed way of showing it :crazy: Madness – it runs in the family! 😉


  2. What a rotten bunch! Reminds me of when I informed my parents I wanted to take a Degree; they replied that they would prefer me to go and get a job (didn’t stop ’em coming to my Graduation though….)


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