After a busy Sunday (we held our AGM as part of the morning service), we wandered rather tiredly off this morning and decided to stop at the cafe which serves the tea grown in Cornwall for a drink. Then on to the very big park for a walk – rather chilly, grey skies, not much doing by way of spring apart from the yellow blooms on the gorse.

Then to a nice garden centre for lunch – they only do 4 dishes, but it’s very reasonably-priced and delicious. They also have a farm shop there, full of wonderful-looking (and very expensive) foody things. I always want most of it and come away with just one thing!

Afterwards, a bit of shopping – I’m off to look after Wizz and Danny this weekend so am going armed with lots of craftwork, which they both love. Should keep all of us sane 😉

Finally, back home, and catching up with you guys while looking out of my window as the sun goes down. Grape-coloured clouds shot with rose madder. So beautiful, and every sunset unique.

I think eggs are on the menu for tea :yes: Hub is much better at cooking eggs than I am so I’m looking forward to it!

Have a nice evening, all :wave:


12 thoughts on “NICE DAY OFF

  1. Mmmm….This post sounds positively ‘relaxed’….Let the rest of the evening proceed likewise – especially with that ‘sunset’ in mind…Hugs! :)xx


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