Have had the funeral of a church member today, which took up several hours. Since we moved out of the church into the hall, setting up for any meeting or activity, then clearing away afterwards, always takes much longer. By the time we’d had the service, then the trip to the grave, followed by the reception (also in the hall) and the associated pastoral work, then the washing up and more moving of furniture, it was well into the afternoon.

So thought I would relax here with some recent images. We went to Ironbridge for the first time on our day off this week


We also visited Croome Park recently.  Although it is barely the beginning of spring, the sun was out, it was mild and we sat in the Orangery.  I just love the way the shadows fall


‘I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree’ (Alfred Joyce Kilmer)

– is a pretty dire poem but I know exactly what he means about trees – I love them!


Barely beginning to bud – but again, I so enjoy the light and shade.

tree by the Severn

This one I took last year.  Fabulous!

Now that was relaxing … time to cook some supper :yes:



  1. Sounds a lovely day out and about and what beautiful images – particularly the pic of the Orangery with the shadows…. and the great oak tree pic too…..

    Must be a right palaver having to keep shifting stuff for services in the hall… good for you for persevering and doing it all in the face of adversity etc :yes:


    1. Thanks! Glad you like the orangery. Shifting furniture is a pain but it’s worth it. Instead of people wandering into a huge gloomy freezing cold barn of a church with lousy lighting, they come into a very warm and cheerful hall all done up in orange and red – much more welcoming!


      1. A warm cheerful hall sounds much more appealing than a gloomy barn for sure…. so worth all the moving of things…. and I suppose it must make you feel more able to decorate it without feeling over-awed by the huge stern barn space?


      2. We put flowers and banners with the liturgical colours up for services: so today we had purple banners hanging amongst the orange curtains!


      3. The congregation chose the colours – orange walls and curtains, red carpet and chairs – a West Indian celebration of colour! :yes: And with a new heating system you walk in and feels WARM 🙂


      1. No I didn’t – I’m pretty rubbish at remembering where people live – and a lot of people don’t show it on their profile either.


    1. Thanks, Janet! I love the fresh vivid colours of the last one – last spring. I intend to have a very relaxing evening … it was wall-to-wall meetings in the house yesterday. I lost count of the number of cups of tea I made! So I’m looking forward to an evening with no duties :yes:


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