‘We allow ourselves to resent criticism even when justified. Note that I say allow – the feeling of resentment is not within our control – and maybe we try to smudge the unpalatable truth by discrediting the critic and, should an opportunity arise, retaliate in kind…

St Teresa (of Avila) assures her Carmelite sisters that one day of humbling self-knowledge …. is of far greater value than hours spent in meditation. Our days are strewn with graces that we do not recognize: opportunities, for instance, of letting another take precedence or receive the credit for something we ourselves have said or done; of refraining from profuse excuses when we have made mistakes … a thousand and one things happen that wound our self-love.

If only we really knew Jesus we would not be so concerned with putting on a good show and of how others see us. Instead of concealing our insecurities, fears, secret failings even from ourselves, we would accept the reality that we are ….

It is so difficult for us to grasp the reality of the incarnation: the truth that our great God, our holy Creator, has, so we may say, thrown off his robes of grandeur and run out in eagerness to meet us, to be with us where we are.’

(from ‘Love Unknown’ by Ruth Burrows, pub by Continuum)


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