Today is the third anniversary of my mother’s death, the day she left behind all her illnesses, fears, unhappiness and insecurities and entered a greater peace and more wonderful joy than she ever imagined.

I miss her, but I am so grateful that I had a loving mother,  despite all the difficulties which came on as she got older. There are far too many children out there who don’t have this love that should nourish and support them from their birth.

My sister sent a card which I keep permanently on display with a photo of Mum. It says

‘My Mum is a never-ending song in my heart.
I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune’

(Graycie Harmon)

Mum with her first great-grandchild.

Here’s to you, Mum.


22 thoughts on “REMEMBERING MUM

  1. It is always good to remember ones parents with love and affection – for me the last few months were probably the hardest and yet in another way, helped to strip away those doubts and fears and were probably the frankest and honest days of all.


  2. It is very touching to hear how much you loved both your parents and how wonderful they were and you appreciate that…. She looks so sweet and gentle :)and very poignant words….A bittersweet day…..

    Hugs…. xxxx


    1. It’s easy to ‘saintify’ people after they’ve gone and I don’t want to do that because it wouldn’t be true to her … but although she drove me round the bend when she was very old, I realise now, especially reading through her letters, how much we all meant to her. And I feel so sad for all the kids who didn’t have good mothers, or even mothers at all. Thanks for your comments, dt – and the hugs!


      1. It has made me think about my own mum and how much I moan about her and complain but perhaps she was fond of me once upon a time before life got so awful for her ….and I guess one day I will look back and remember. So you’ve made me think…. and I ought to try to be more patient with her while she is still alive :yes:

        And yes… so many people don’t have loving mothers or fathers etc…… You are quite right….


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