I was just saying to Hub on our day off this week, about how many people seem to have sciatica this winter. We’d been for a bit of a walk, then got back into the car to drive to the nearest town.

Except I could hardly get out of the car … :`(

No idea what happened. I was fine when I got in, and not fine when I got out. The big muscle in the lefthand lower back just went. OUCH 88|

So now I am in Old Crone status (yes, I know, it’s not new 😛 ) as I hobble about, putting hot patches on my back and waking myself up every time I want to turn over in bed.

Just so my little cup of happiness overflows, we’re leaving today to go and help Daughter 2 to move house. With 2 small children. And there’s me with me back :no:

Now I’m cross >:-[

I’m going to have to be extremely careful and not lift anything heavy! Ah well. It’s cooking and cleaning and grandmothering duties for me then… I knew there had to be a silver lining :yes:

See you all later! :wave:



  1. I fell down stairs years ago and have had problem with the bottom right side of my back since, it triggers of a problem right down my right side, i also have a wonky knee and painful feet so it sets of siatica and cramp at times.xx


  2. Oh no….. hope it sorts itself out of its own accord VERY quickly. And I hope it isn’t sciatica 88| Hope you manage to not do too much more than is good for it?? and try to take care of it…..

    Oh dear…. I’ll try the ear-bending 😉 FERVENTLY…….


  3. Oh what a bloomin nightmare!!!! Darn it!

    I hate it when a pain emerges out of nowhere…I have a weird and wonderful pain in my right leg that usually kicks in when I’m about to jump off the boat to pull it in!!!

    Hopefully it will ease up soon…take it easy for a few days gal!!!xxxx


    1. :)) not such a joke – my eye flared up with conjunctivitis AGAIN … I have mouth ulcers … my eczema has not taken kindly to the rubber gloves I wore for all the cleaning … my right arm hurts … wot a catalogue of moans!!! but anyway … I am feeling better and the housemove went very smoothly, all things considered! Thanks, Liz.


    1. Thanks, Marika! The hot patches did help a bit and it’s eased up. A great excuse to get out of the heavy lifting … but did lots of cleaning, looked after the kids and kept everyone fed, so I do have my uses 😉


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