Recently a letter dropped through our door, hand-delivered. It was a reused envelope and wrongly addressed although plainly meant for us.

Inside there were 4 sides of typewritten A4 sheets of paper. There was no ‘Dear’ anyone. Instead, it began, continued and ended with a polemic against ALL Christian denominations and churches.

It came from a small ‘apostolic’ church a couple of streets away. It began by telling us that we are all wrong, and they are the only true church. The reason? Because they are one, and we are many, and therefore we are wrong. Jesus only instituted one church, and they are it.


The letter went on, in a fascinatingly garbled way, to pick out the doctrine of the Trinity as being of the devil. All churches that believe it are clearly on their way to hell. This is the vast majority of churches …

There was so much wrong with the thinking in this letter that neither of us knew where to begin … but one thing was clear – that no amount of arguing with the writers would get us anywhere. Rational discussion is not their strong point.

Apart from the dubious contents, the attitudes behind the distribution of this letter are astonishing. What do they think they will achieve, by slagging off other churches – neighbours – in this way? Do they really live in such a dream world that they think we will all believe what they say?

Apart from anything else, it goes against Jesus’ prayer that all who believe in him would be ‘one’. There are many people all over the world working towards this, but obviously, not everyone thinks it’s necessary, because the rest of us are doomed…

It may be another case of ‘Shh – creep past this room’ in heaven – why? – because the people inside think they are the only ones there πŸ˜‰

After some discussion we decided what we would do. Sometimes on a Tuesday we take a street and walk along it, praying silently for it. We have a little leaflet we shove through doors, just saying to people that we’re praying for them that week, and giving them contact details in case they have anything they would like us to pray for specifically.

Yup, you’ve guessed it. We’re going to take our leaflets along the street where this church is. And we might even pop a leaflet through their door – if we can get through the locked and barred gate.



27 thoughts on “ON OUR WAY TO HELL …???

  1. A passage usually draws my attention in the Bible: He that thinks he knows does not really know as he ought to know. Many christian denominations are always pointing accusing fingers at others. They always think they know. Others do not really know as they ought, they always sees others in this light, even they do not mix with others. They could share their own ides with them, but they return a deaf ear if others try to talk to them in return. I believe the way you handled the situation was good, they really do not know, thinking they know all it all.


  2. Oh heck! :no:

    I think your response is perfect – to pray up and down their street :yes:

    All the best with that. How very weird that they should write you a letter like that – it is a horrible thing to do 😦 I am so sorry you have to put up with stuff like that – what an unpleasant surprise to receive such a letter :no:



    1. Well, we’re used to people believing weird things, I guess … and we don’t take it personally – but we certainly learned something – we didn’t realise before that many ‘apostolic’ (self-styled) churches are not Trinitarian – they believe that Jesus and the Father are not just one, but are the same person, and the Holy Spirit was a ghost, apparently … ????????????? :no:

      How on earth you square this with the plain teaching of Scripture is anybody’s guess.


  3. Some people simply cannot live and let live. They sound like trouble to me!!! What a perfectly horrible thing to do!!!

    Your response is admirable….maybe your prayers will be answered and they will become more rational….xxxxx


    1. Thanks… we’re used to people believing things we think are weird – but if they want to persuade us of their views, they’d be better off being like Mormons or JWs, and knocking on the door politely and engaging in conversation!

      Glad you think we’re doing the right thing … hope so!


      1. Trouble is, we can be so wrapped up in our own ‘rightness’ we are hermetically sealed, and it makes us feel all cosy if we can label everyone else as ‘wrong’ :yes:


      2. We learned something new – Hub phoned up a (Baptist) pastor friend and they had a chat, and this friend said that a lot of such cultural ‘apostolic’ churches are not trinitarian – that was news to us! It also explains quite a lot! And of course now we can say ‘well, they aren’t real Christians’ … our turn to be in the hermetically sealed room πŸ˜‰


  4. I think what you are going to do is fantastic…it is the only thing to do, because as you say there is no rationale with people of this ilk. My, you really do have to put up with a lot of abuse. Thanks Gilly.x


    1. Thanks very much, Janet, for the concern and encouragement. It does bother us though, because we have really good relationships with all the other churches in the neighbourhood and we think that’s important.


    1. Yes, I remember those days too, and I’m very glad to have seen all the changes for the better, and the warming of relationships between the Catholic church and other denominations. There will always be extremists, however.


  5. I agree with you….strange enough ‘some one’ let mormons into the building last night and they started knocking on everyone’s door….I did not answer.

    I let woof out later and found a note attached to my front door saying

    “Margaret we miss you, please phone the elders on………”

    Err…..No Margaret here and to my knowledge of preceding tenants never has been

    P xx


    1. Well, although it’s annoying, I would prefer people to come out into the open and try and engage us in honest debate rather than pushing anonymous letters through the door.


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