Take a gander at this:


This is frozen sea water at Constanta, a Black Sea town in Romania. The temperatures have reached -34 C … and people have died.

When we were in Romania the winters were bitterly cold. Don’t think it got down below about -25C when we were there, but that was cold enough. Certainly enough to freeze rivers and waterfalls! Whole villages are iced up, sometimes for months, and people can’t get from one place to another. They stay at home and catch up with handicrafts, some of which are beautiful. But when we’ve been staying with friends in the country during the winter – yes, we did have to break the ice on the well so we could get some water!

Think I’ll settle for the UK cold snap for now  


20 thoughts on “AND WE THINK IT’S COLD?

  1. What an amazing photo! 8| I don’t think I could bear to live somewhere so cold and slippery 😦 Thank goodness that the Uk is mostly pretty reasonable weather-wise….. I think we are very lucky really 8|


    1. Yes, me too – we had the sad news yesterday that a guy had died from cold in our local park overnight. And there are plenty of night shelters here where he could have gone to sleep. I can’t understand some people – it seems such an unnecessary and tragic waste.


      1. I have a friend in canada that runs the night shelters, he says that a lot of people sleep outside and die in the cold, I asked him why and he said it was because some people couldn’t stand the regulations in the shelter. It is very sad though…


  2. It surprises me that the young man photographing the scene on top of the frozen waterfall is not protecting himself a bit more from the bitter cold. One hand in pocket, other one seizing the moment with the camera, (I wonder if it functioned at those levels of cold) a bare neck and head. Not what one would usually do in desperately cold situations.

    I didn’t do things like that at -19 or -13, coming to think of it.


    1. Yes, I noticed the same thing – but the day is bright and sunny, and not everyone feels the cold like I do – I’m amazed at people running around in short-sleeved tee-shirts when it’s frosty and icy here! Must admit, although I wore my thermals in Romania and 2 pairs of gloves and a long coat and a couple of pairs of socks and scarf – I didn’t wear a hat.


      1. Yes I noticed that. I think that posing is what he is doing, it would be a bit too slippery to completely contort. Look at the footwear, it’s hardly substantial and safe for the conditions. I don’t think Torville and Dean would have taken on that kind of ice dancing, even with blades on their feet!


      2. It looks treacherous. Hub fell down 4 times our first winter – the pavements simply re-freeze each night. Eventually I bought myself boots with spikes!


      3. Your boots sound about right. One gift I bought someone this year were a pair of good quality over shoe spikes, (remembering our last two winters). So far they have not been needed this winter.


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