29 thoughts on “A POLE-DANCING MUM??

  1. On first glance I thought that Mum was standing on a pedestal receiving her degree certificate – then I thought maybe she was preparing to throw a javelin. Pole dancing never entered my mind and neither did selling snow shovels :))


      1. The concept reminded me of the drawings infant sprog used to do at primary school. The teachers could tell what kind of meal habits a family had if the subject was drawing or painting what or how you eat at home!


      2. Alarming, and how….you had to dismiss it humorously, otherwise, you would have been tied up in various knots in your domestic scene. Being aware of the possible dynamics of this type of exercise can make life uncomfortable.


      3. I wonder though, if a teacher would comment on the family behaviour shown in a child’s picture. They could certainly discuss a depiction.

        On a more serious note, it’s the kind of trickery that happens in schools in war time to eke out people unacceptable to the regime. As you said, it can all be rather alarming.


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