Second Daughter always lives in a whirl of activity – she’s incredibly busy and manages to stuff 50 times more than most people into her time. I’m beginning to feel it’s hard to keep up … πŸ˜‰ (YES I KNOW IT’S MY AGE :p)

She’s moving soon, so arrived with a long to-do list for Saturday morning, fitted in swimming with the kids in the afternoon and then spent the evening working :no:

She was going to leave after lunch on Sunday, then took a look at the snow and decided sensibly to go mid-morning instead. I’m relieved they got home safely and with no mishap or piled-up traffic.

Meanwhile Eldest Daughter (who lives locally) had had a foul week, and then discovered that her daughter’s childminder had to go into hospital today, query cancer. So that is all very sad and we’re hoping that her laparoscopy will show that she’s OK :`(

Anyway, the upshot was that after a rather dozy few hours off today when we trickled round here and there and couldn’t make up our minds about anything …, we went and picked up Eldest Granddaughter from school and brought her home with us, which is always a joy, then Mum joined us too and we had supper together. ED’s partner wasn’t able to come as he was working late, so I sent him a plateful for when he gets in … one thing about Partner … you never have any leftovers after feeding him πŸ˜‰

On Sunday about 10 of us made it through the ice and snow to church. However, they were not the people you would expect. One can’t walk, and came in her batricar. One has had hips and knees replaced and is still in some pain – but got there nonetheless. One is a Rwandan who was so mercilessly beaten in the uprising there some years ago, that it has left her in permanent pain after numerous ops, and she needs a stick to get about.

They put the rest of us to shame, so they do.


28 thoughts on “COMINGS AND GOINGS

  1. How amazing those particular people made it to church! πŸ™‚ Maybe they get a lot out of it and appreciate their spiritual nourishment so much more or something because of their difficulties? Anyway! Gold stars all round I say!

    Eldest Daughter does sound one of those extra high-powered people that I always watch with such admiration from my own dozy perspective….. πŸ™‚

    Glad everybody got home safely and so on…. the snow round here is just looking a mess now…… mostly gone off the bigger roads and just great lumps and wadges of it stuck round the rest of the place ……


    1. Yeah, it’s not eldest daughter … it’s Daughter 2, the surgeon one, who lives this hectic lifestyle and she is always stuffing things into her time … can’t keep up :no: But then things are particularly difficult for her at the moment 😦 and she does have an awful lot more to think about with the house move coming up. :**:


      1. Sorry to get muddled 😳 ….. I do think about all that and HAVE WORDS with YOU KNOW WHO…:yes:… a very difficult time :no:

        You must all be in a state of flux what with you and hub trying to plan your move and where to go and Daughter as well all upping sticks etc as well as the other side of it all…. When I think of the fuss I make about my one daughter and her shenanigens …. and I cannot imagine how one copes with more than one! xxxx


      2. Many many thanks. Just had an update saying the nanny D2 was intending to employ has now fallen through. So did the last one. What is going on??? She desperately needs one for the times when she’s on call … please bend about this!!! 😦


      3. Yes…. and maybe there is a learning…. something about accepting that it isn’t possible to ‘fix’ other people no matter how much you accommodate and bend over backwards :no: You just have to retreat from the battle….


      4. I think so but D2 finds it really hard … she feels she needs to fix one bit of her life to make the rest more bearable … I hope I talked her into giving it some necessary time, but as you say, we can’t fix other people and especially not our children :no:


      5. Soooooo frustrating :no: would love to sort my own daughter about but y’can’t tell them can you? 😦 Can only offer them all up to you know who :yes: HUGS!xxx


  2. Pretty lousy weather, and believe it or not its quite cool and wet here in NZ – what a summer! Good to have the family around. We had a carload pop in to bring their Nan some seafood special. Hope that cancer scare comes to nothing.


  3. Oh my, ED sounds the type who would enduce me into having a little nap after she had gone……

    I hope the move goes smoothly and doesn’t result in TOO much extra work for you….lol you are trying to retire but somehow I get the feeling they will always keep you busy busy busy wether you want to be or not!

    Yes it’s wonderful how people can turn up like that however difficult, while so many of us opt out! Made od steel they are!xxxx


    1. I’m absolutely SHATTERED after Daughter 2 and offspring go … :zz: She’s moving in 2 weeks so we’re taking a coupla days off to go and help. However, we’ve booked into a local Travelodge for the nights – at least that way we shall be guaranteed a bed and a bit of p and q!!! πŸ˜‰


  4. I think its wonderful that those people turned up at church despite their difficulties.

    Glad you had a nice time with your daughter and she got home ok. The snow and ice is a big worry. X


  5. Inevitably it’s the ones who live farthest away who turn up and get to places on time, its the ones who live nearest who tend not to do either of those. The analogy ties in with your findings of attendees and their difficulties.


      1. Certainly, however the two can be separated.

        I found that when I was in the position of being the farthest to travel, I got there come what may. Several elements would have aided it. Others had the motivation but either got waylaid, started out late, or were affected by other circumstances out of their control. There were some that had sub-agendas, though, by no means a majority.

        Those that dropped by the wayside mostly had varied and interesting reasons for doing so. That left a small band of us feeling meanly smug about achieving the last hurdles at the point when we did. With hindsight, I am not sure the smugness was entirely justified. It offered a ‘fuzzy massage’ feeling at the time.


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