Second daughter phoned last night – could she come up today with the children and stay the weekend??

OF COURSE, we said 😀

anyway – am off to do bedmaking and cleaning and shopping and unpacking shopping and cooking and …. well, you know :yes:

Not much time for blogging, therefore … but shall catch up with you all anon!



22 thoughts on “FAMILY AHOY

  1. Well done you, cracking on with the chores….. Hope you have a lovely weekend with your daughter and grandchildren! If it snows the grandchildren will love it! Take it easy if possible though gillyk!! Look after yourself :yes:


    1. Thanks, dt! We’ve been to IKEA today, preparatory to them moving to their new house – and us of course, although we still don’t know when!! Now they’ve gone off to Daughter 1 to have lunch and a swim and then they’ll be back here … meanwhile I am just chilling (literally – it’s cold up here in my study ) and watching the sleet coming down … WOT ??? 88| SLEET??????????????????


      1. Oh help….. sleet…. I wouldn’t put up with that gillyk….. I’d have some stern words about that…. It is far too cold and wet and upsetting this sleet stuff…… We are due for sleet here too accordinging to the weather forecast and I don’t fancy it AT ALL… 😦


      2. Still going … :yes: 8|

        Am glad you have got good soles on your boots – I got some boots for Romania (where the winters are very bitter and long) which have little spikes for icy roads!!


      3. They sound just the business! I have been to Mass today with my rubbery things with the nodules on that go over shoes or boots etc and they seemed to help me not slip…..:) and so hopefully I’ll be ok later on when I do my care work round…. as it is very hilly round here and I think all the mushy slush will freeze over and make it all very slippery everywhere :no:


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