Had church council last night and wondered whether to draw them this graph:

church council

Howsoever, did not have time as I was taking the Minutes

(Akshully, did not reach Screaming Point – Β it was a really good council – the best I can remember – a sense of a united group of people who trust each other, problem-solving together Now if only they could all be like that!!)

(The cartoon by Dave Walker is from his series Cartoon church which he develops for the Church Times)



  1. Oh my…committees….not my cup of tea!!!lol I get meetings to end by endless fidgiting, sighing more and more dramatically, then finally….doodling with a faraway look in my eyes!xxxx


      1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm – aha! Could open outside door and tear off all top layers and say I am feeling REALLY UNWELL with a hot flush and I NEED the door open … then everyone will freeze, and go home πŸ˜‰


      2. LOL….now you’re getting there…and wacking an imaginary wasp works wonders… know…leaping about, knocking the tea over and stuff….unsetting the papers…xxxx


  2. :)) well I’m glad it was a good meeting and you were all in accord and so on….. but the cartoon IS funny and does sum up the whole committee meeting type scenario! Some people seem to LOVE dragging them out and wittering on don’t they? :no:… it’s those extravert people holding forth to a trapped audience thing again perhaps – they can’t believe their luck! Several people stuck in a room with them…. and they can hold court and revel in it… πŸ˜‰

    Glad it went well gillyk! πŸ™‚


      1. Do it :)) Though perhaps there can be many extraverts but one mega extravert who dominates and I have noticed such people often have speech impediments or stutters to fill in the bits where they don’t know what to say but to stop anyone else from interposing….. Mr Combover is like that… suddenly starts stuttering very loudly to stop anybody else speaking….:roll: :))


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