Had a busy weekend with Daughter: she and Hub did a vanishing trick into the garage and didn’t come back for a loooooooooooooong time – they CLAIM they went to the dump –

Anyway, that didn’t bother me and Wizz and Danny. I’d picked up a ‘make monsters’ book half price in a sale and so we were soon up to our ears in wonky monsters covered in glue and paint and we were all stuck up with sellotape too.

Yesterday, Sunday, we all went to the morning service in their local church. It is bursting at the seams with young families. I thought it might be a family service … which is very difficult to get right, because of this:

Oh yes.  I have been there


  1. Yes there is usually at least one such WAAAAAA going on :)) Never been in your position obviously…… but I recall it being my turn to read one Sunday Mass and practically shouting to try and be heard…. hmmmmmmm……..


    1. Yes … I used to do family services with baptism families who never normally came to church, and didn’t have a clue, and would wander around and talk and sometimes go outside to smoke … so I needed everything to be lively and in understandable English and with lots going on for kids and bouncy music and no item too long … I learned a lot!


      1. Sounds very challenging and ‘zausting gillyk!!…. but I know you are a gal not daunted by a mere ‘zausting challenge….:) Yes I can imagine you learned a great deal about what goes down well and what gets peoples’ attention etc :yes: and what ‘works’ to help people feel involved and so on. Good for you!!!!

        Just a thought… could have been the occasion for that Tequilla eh? 😉 “But mum the Minister did the SPLITS!!!!!!” 88|


      2. :)) don’t tempt me …

        I do remember one occasion when a child playing with the toys at the back of the church broke free from a parent and came cycling busily up the aisle to where I was leading the service at the mike … and just as he got to me, a wheel fell off the trike … 8|


      3. :)) I like that he did it ‘busily’ :)) and that the wheel fell off. Did he then just look really agitated and wide-eyed or did the mouth open massively and an enormous WAAAAAAAAA kick off? :))


      4. He just sort of sat there staring at it and a very embarrassed parent came rushing up the aisle. I was no help at all. I just fell about laughing … 😳


  2. I remember taking my small daughter to church and she asked rather loudly the name of the priest and I told her his name was “the priest” to shut her up. Then she pointed to a statue of joseph and asked his name…I said “joseph”
    she said “He doesn’t say much does he?”


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