We’re so familiar with the phrase ‘falling in love’ that we don’t give it a second thought. But at the time I wrote yesterday’s poem, I had grown up with the idea that there was only one way to truly fall in love – and that is, you know immediately with somebody that they are ‘the one’. You just ‘know’.

So when my relationship didn’t happen like that, I was very confused. Could it really be love? How would I know?

It took a while for me to realise that there are uncountable ways to become ‘in love’ with a person, and they are all different, and all unique. For me, it was when I discovered that love had crept up on me all unawares. It entered the back door of my life when I wasn’t looking, when I was still searching outside for the ‘spark from heaven.’


But gradually, one day, I found I could write this:

The lark soars ascending in a long comprehending spiral of drying tears:
And the fawn stares steady in the moving wilderness.
There I watched the ivy turn to gold and lift up its head
Like an unfanged serpent, slipping to the ground with no sound.

Still the great shining bank of waters
Rolled on to the edge of the world while the living looked on:
And noiseless the sun gathered it all in his arms of fire,
And laid it at your feet.

(copyright GMK)

Reader … I married him πŸ˜‰



  1. The lark in a long comprehending spiral of drying tears – what a wonderful picture describing innermost movements within your soul.
    On the other side the symbol of the unfanged serpent, slipping to the ground shows you have definitely defeated angst, a word very familiar in my language.
    I admire your expressions driven by your love with words. Thus you are able to describe situations that are normally beyond of our linguistic reach.


  2. A beautiful post Gilly. I could hear the refrains of ‘A Lark Ascending’ as I read your poem.

    Falling in love……how wonderful it is, whether quickly or very slowly…..I think I prefer the latter:)x


    1. At the time I don’t think I knew of Elgar’s work. I suspect it was overtones of Shelley as I was studying English lit at the time!

      Thank you, Janet. True love is always welcome whatever form it takes, whether in families or amongst friends as well as in partners.


  3. I like this poem very much. And I like to hear of how you learned about love… and the falling in love. It’s truly one of the wonders of the world, and I agree with you that there are so many ways… almost as many as there are people.


  4. When people fall in love, it seems first and foremost they want to convince themselves they are falling in love. They might cast admiring glances at their objects of love as if to convince themselves they were falling in love. It is always a beautiful sight to behold for the third party. think therefore, what we call falling in love might be more aptly described by creeping in love.


  5. That is beautiful. Some times falling in love where our feet hardly touch the ground is a bit like a glass that shatters when it ends and we see that person as they really are.

    Love is much deeper and lasting we see and accept the faults of the other person and love them regardless infact i think we love them even more for there faults,a bit like the teddy bear with one eye and one ear.xx


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