This I could not resist



  1. :)) I sometimes think it might be just like the cartoon and be a continuation of how it is down here on earth and that you have to find the reception desk and fill out forms and be shown your place etc! :))


      1. And I would be rushing up and down corridors looking for you, screeching and banging on all the doors and disturbing lots of very holy people who would put their heads out (having made sure their haloes were adjusted first, of course) 😉


      2. Oh WOULD you??? then I’d hear you and find where I was and where you was too! I think the first person to look for would be the man with a halo and a large pair of scales… or would we have already done that bit? I suppose so? But anyhow! We’d have such a nice time and be so lovely to meet up at last! 😀


    1. So do I, from time to time – but then I think that we can’t possibly know. My Dad did have a couple of visions of heaven, when he said he became aware of a place most amazingly full of love.


      1. I had a dream a very real dream once, i was walking towards a light of smilling happy people black, yellow, and white, they beckoned me and in the centre of them was a bright light in the shape of a person, it reached out to me and i felt enveloped in love like ive never known and never could on earth. It was the most wonderful feeling.

        This happened after being in church hearing others say they believed jesus had made a place for them among his mansions, i had gone away doubting it asking myself why would god want me. This dream followed that night it was more of an experience than a dream i wanted to go on forever.xx


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