Good heavens! Hub and I have been slowly wading our way through all the rubbish, detritus, boxes and piles of stuff in our boxroom – and we’ve EMPTIED 5 boxes as well as clearing a shelf 88|

Everything is now neat and tidy, there’s no clutter or mess, I know what’s in the (repacked) boxes, and if we had to move tomorrow …. :-/ … well, those are ready to go!
I can EVEN get in there now to the bedding and towels I keep on the shelves :>>

Mind you, what’s left is all archive … but we have agreed that it will be a great project for our retirement… πŸ˜‰

Where will be put it when we move to a flat |-| ?

Don’t ask :lalala:


34 thoughts on “A NICE TIDY BOXROOM

  1. I can imagine what it’s like, going through all kinds of boxes and things put aside. There must be so many reminders of things you haven’t thought of for a long time. It’s one of the harder parts of moving…


    1. The sorting is always the worst part! I have spent the afternoon going through my grandfather’s file of letters – 80 years on. So hard to make decisions, and even to know what criteria to use to make them.


  2. I am still getting rid of stuff i have so much bed linen and cushions and a feather and down duvet i know longer need now i have central heating,curtains i dont use anymore, some will go to the charity shop.xx


    1. I used to volunteer with a project which gave bedding away to people who were coming off the streets, or off drugs or out of prison and were going into a place for the first time. It’s very satisfying to know that our unwanted stuff is going to help people on their way!


  3. I’ve been through that massive clear out in the past since both my daughters and I have flew the family nest (all at different times and in totally different directions) – I know what I have of mine here will fit in when my second husband and I come to downsize.


  4. How VERY satisfying and gratifying! Well done! I imagine you have had to down size and up size and move hither and thither many times in your life/ministry and it must get kind of “oh not again!” ish perhaps? Or maybe just “here we go again!”

    Hope you find some real little gems and memories amongst all the things – like more of your poems and so on….xxx


    1. We’ve lost count of all the moves but it’s about 35 … and yes, it is ‘here we go again’ … I am really trying to make this move as low-stress as poss – but it’s not always poss!

      Lots of stuff to mull over in our Advancing Old Age … groan, that does sound offputting. I think I shall call it Returning to Youth age :yes:


      1. 35 is a tremendous amount! so I guess you have a ‘system’! Presumably where you go next you can stay as long as you want? Be nice to find a place you can stay put and relax in for a while…..:yes:


      2. It would be lovely … but would we cope? Or after a few years will we be looking around and going ‘OK, so it’s time to move on …’ ??? Us human beings can be so silly :no:


      3. Difficult to imagine settling down permanently isn’t it? I certainly can’t imagine it…. but you can get out of the way of it. I’ve been here 17 years which is a tremendous length of time but I’d hate to think I was here forever!! In fact I’d be quite happy to move tomorrow if it was to somewhere reasonable….


      4. Ahaaaaa….. yes….!!!

        My woodcarving pupil who was retired had ended up with her daughter and two grandchildren living back there and ended up doing vast amounts of child-care as daughter a barrister and so had times when off working long long hours etc……

        She and her hubby were pretty hacked off with it all!


  5. The future is always mysteriouly delicious…..I find I’ve outgrown a lot of my stuff..would love to have a clear out but keep putting it off! It’s starting that’s hard!xxxx


      1. Think I am going to change tactics by unpacking a room I don’t use, this contains paperwork and odds and bits of paper for computer and all sorts…..

        Will take me about a month but may be easier to sort through and chuck and then I will have got used to chucking stuff.

        P xx


      2. Hub works best with lists and piles, so I wrote 4 bits of paper:
        throw (I took up a roll of bin bags for that)
        charity shop (you need boxes or bags for this)
        – only trouble is, you do eventually have to make a decision about the ‘dunno’ pile!


  6. Doesn’t it give you a feeling of satisfaction, all clean and tidy, all organised. Last week we gave a lot of DVDs and CDs to charity, emptied two small shelves. I have a theory empty spaces attract things, its a biological process, nature abhors a vacuum! Our younger son lives in his own flat but many of his ‘things’ are still here.
    Some questions will be solved in time.


    1. Yes, thanks, Liz – that last comment is important – there are some things that require time to look through and assess, and get into order etc – not a job for when you’re starting to clear a large vicarage!

      We told our son he had to do a grand sort of his stuff, at Christmas … otherwise it was all going to the charity shop … worked! πŸ˜‰


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