I am starting to do some ‘clearing out’ in earnest … and have dived into a box which was labelled as my ‘treasures’.

In it I found my favourite 45s from the 60s, and my Beatles for Sale LP.


I could just take them all down to the charity shop … but wonder if there is any interest out there in these vinyls? I’ve already been on but they don’t want them. Does anyone know of anything?

Funny how one’s idea of ‘treasures’ changes ….

Here’s the list:

  • Righteous Brothers ‘You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling’ Old Gold 1964 (B side Unchained Melody)
  • Edwin Hawkins Singers ‘Oh happy day’ Buddah Records 1969 (Jesus lover of my soul)
  • Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell ‘The Onion Song’ Tamla Motown 1969 (I can’t believe you love me)
  • Carpenters ‘we’ve only just begun’ AM Records 1970 (All of my life)
  • Bob Dylan ‘Positively 4th street’ CBS 1965 (From a Buick 6)
  • Dusty Springfield ‘I just don’t know what to do with myself’ Philips 1964 (My colouring book)
  • Beatles ‘I feel fine’ Parlophone 1964 (She’s a woman)
  • Beatles ‘Something’ Apple 1969 (Come together)
  • Beatles ‘Ticket to ride’ Parlophone 1965 (yes it is)
  • Fontella Bass ‘Rescue Me’ Chess 1965 (Soul of the man)
  • Boney M ‘Rivers of Babylon’ Atlantic 1978 (Brown girl in the ring)
  • The Supremes ‘Baby love’ Stateside 1964 (Ask any girl)
  • Hollies ‘Can’t tell the bottom from the top’ Parlophone 1970 (Mad Professor Blyth)
  • Gladys Knight and the Pips ‘I heard it through the grapevine’ Tamla Motown 1966 (it’s time to go now)
  • Simon and Garfunkel ‘I am a rock’ CBS 1966 (flowers never bend)
  • Procol Harum ‘Whiter shade of pale’ Deram 1967 (Lime Street Blues)
  • Donovan ‘Catch the wind’ Pye 1965 (why do you treat me)
  • New Vaudeville Band ‘Winchester Cathedral’ Fontana 1966 (wait for me baby)
  • Barry McGuire ‘Eve of Destructiion’ RCA Victor 1965 (what exactly is the matter with me)
  • Sandie Shaw ‘Message understood’ Pye 1965 (don’t you count on it)
  • Sandie Shaw ‘Always Something There to remind me’ Pye 1964 (Don’t you know)
  • Seekers ‘I’ll never find another you’ Columbia 1964 (open up them pearly gates)
  • Bobby Gentry ‘I’ll never fall in love again’ Capitol 1969 (ace insurance man)

The LP is Beatles for Sale Parlophone/EMI 1964

Ah, what it was to be young …


30 thoughts on “RECORDS FOR SALE?

      1. Thank you I had several ‘beamy’ bits today! The little funny lady at work really warms the cockles of my heart bless her little madness! And Mass was very consoling and then I’ve just been to my CCRS course which stands for Certificate in Catholic Religious Studies (I think!) because we are doing the fascinating Christology module and this evening we were doing about various heresies so all good stuff! I think with the two jobs I’ve got I’m going to need to exercise the ‘little grey cells’ somehow!!!


  1. Wow! That’s quite a catch! Funnily enough, in our local paper tonight a load of LP’s were being sold for £3oo! And….drum roll…..vinyl and record players are actually coming back!!!! So keep tight hold of them, and then buy a new high tech record palyer! xxxx


  2. What do you mean ….what it was to be young….speak for yourself!!!!! 😉

    I have a lot of those titles, (not Beatles, they were never in my fave list), most of the songs I have, I got on tapes a decade or so ago, then on CD. They have also been transferred onto mobile media so I can have a little wiggle along when out, or travelling. It’s good exercise.


      1. It’s good that you have the alternative media for your music library….I haven’t. I don’t know how to transfer from vinyl to hard disk for the few that I wish to keep.

        I had vinyl disks from someone else’s earlier period of ‘hits’ that an organisation wished to have but could not get the arrangements made to collect a heavy box full. I was not in a position to get to them. To a point, they were testing me, but soon realised that I was serious about wishing them to have the haul, but not able to deliver it to them. They dithered. The records finally went off with house clearance.


      2. I do really hate messing about – if a thing can’t be done quickly and efficiently I tend to take the line of least resistance. In this case, I suspect the charity shop will benefit.


  3. Well you have quite a collection there gilly. I’d look on ebay to see what they are selling for as they are doing a lot of free listing days at the moment. 🙂


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