‎’Prayer is not about changing God, but being willing to let God change us’


I’m off today for a post-Christmas break and will be back next week. Meanwhile, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do 😉



      1. Welcome back gillyk!:) So glad the aches have now gone off on their own little holiday! They’ve gone off somewhere to ache somebody else perhaps! Hang up garlic at the door or something to ward them off in case they get home-sick and want to come back and get at you!


      2. yes, and good riddance! Maybe I’ll put lots of spikey things on my roof like Muslims do, so the demons can’t come back – they don’t have anywhere to sit!


      3. Right. It can be a new game. Helmets with horns on and earrings and spikey bits. And spikey bits round our joints and on our boots and ripped jeans and leather jackets … and we’ll go round saying BOOOOOOOOOOO to people very loudly and then run away … and we’ll laugh so much we’ll fall off out of the tree where we’re hiding … :))


      1. Very rested, thank you: a very successful time relaxing 😉 I am not much good at it on the whole, but this time I seemed to ‘get’ it and ‘do’ it. Lovely sun most days, calm sea – me calm – hub calm – can’t be bad!

        Hope you are able to have little constitutionals to get some sun and exercise and to build up your energy levels … and that you are topping up those vitamins. Hugs!


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