… Dad’s birthday today. He would have been 92. Two years ago he was enjoying two parties – one for the extended family, and one for all his friends and neighbours! He had a whale of a time, loved seeing everyone and made a little speech. He was tickled pink to reach 90.

But I hope I don’t … :no: I think I would rather go before I get very frail and very elderly and my faculties start disappearing and I need help for the simplest things. Not that I will have any choice :crazy:

Today Hub and I took Daughter Nr 2 and children to visit my Li’l Bro (although he’s bigger than me) and his wife and family. They moved recently and we decided we wanted to inspect their ancestral acres! – well, pleasant semi, anyway 😉

Had a lovely time with them (but couldn’t do much talking as I now have pharyngitis and my voice has gone kaput … WHO’S THAT SAYING HURRAY??? :> )

Then Daughter needed to do some urgent shopping so we went to the nearest town centre … and queued to get in, and then queued to get into the car park, miraculously found a space, carted two small children all over the place in the rain – and they were as good as gold 8| – then queued to get out of the car park … and the town …. etc.

Now wrapping up a pass-the-parcel for Daughter to take home with her for Granddaughter’s 5th birthday party! Like great-grandfather, like greatgranddaughter. D2 has gone out with D1 (eldest daughter) for a drink and some sisterly advice on how to run a children’s birthday party …:-/

So I’d better get on with it then :wave:

41 thoughts on “IT WOULD HAVE BEEN …

  1. Crikey – having two parties when aged 90! I too wouldn’t want to live til frail and losing the plot etc…

    Sorry you have a horrible sore throat and are losing your voice 😦 boo to being ill!

    Well good for you struggling into shopping places and carparks and everything – in spite of your illness you have more energy and determination than I would have! Awww… hope you get better! Hot honey and lemon drinks and lots of raw garlic for you eh? 😉



      1. Oh well.. you tried it! Hope it is better today anyway :yes: I have heard of an old remedy for colds and sore throats – something about strapping garlic to the soles of your feet after smearing them (your feet) with mustard! :>>

        Never tried it myself…. 😉 There was a cure for baldness too – wearing a ‘leathern’ cap filled with cow dung. :>> :))

        Not tried that one either as have plenty of hair at the moment….


      2. What was it about bathing your feet in mustard when you had a cold? They went on doing that into the 20th century! ????

        Hmmm … judging from the state of my menopausal hair, I might have to consider the cow-poo cap :no: :))


      3. Yes… mustard baths…. Ah.. but did they STRAP garlic to the foot as well? |-| :))

        Yes.. perhaps the leathern helmet and dung option is worth a whirl? Could make it a very stylish leathern helmet with sparkly bits on and dangly twiddly sparkly things? And embroidery? You’d look very exotic and Bohemian … just issue everybody with a nose-peg 😉 and all would be fab! :>>


      4. :)) I fancy a Viking-style helmet but with my own extra bits and pieces: with horns but also with a mask so people can only see my eyes and the rest looks EXTREMELY scarey. So I would then make people give me a hug WITHOUT the peg, because they would be too scared not to …. power would go to my dung-laden head. Absolutely. :>


      5. Sounds excellent! I approve! I can just imagine it! :)) The horns should be really BIG and you could have them pierced and have serious ear-rings? :)) I think you have to have a cloak though too really – an animal skin one… it just seems obvious, I know, but all for a good cause, eh? :>>


      6. Earrings in the horns! Sounds amazing! and the animal skin cloak … well, so long as it came from an animal that died naturally 😉 … it would keep me warm in the igloo!!! :crazy:


      7. :)) and the horns would be really useful for hanging things on in the igloo to stop them getting Trampled Underfoot…and also… your grandchildren could play swingball with a ball on a piece of elastic hanging from one of them…..

        Oh I’m getting silly now 😉


      8. you’d cut quite a figure in your monstrous helmet complete with mask and all the coats and earrings dangling from the horns all flailing about and billowing in the wind… and then……(talking of wind) the terrible waft of….. of ..dung! 8| stalking your way across the icy wastes…. wow… no wonder people believe there are Yettis… it was YOU!!!!! all the time… there you were trying to encourage your hair to grow more…… 😉


      9. :)) :)) Good gracious, I’m even scared of myself!! 88|

        Think I will razor off the remaining hair and then I will be a Skinhead with a Terrible Mask and I shall grow my nails really really long until they look like talons … and books will be written about me and sagas will be sung about me and I shall be famous … AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


      10. Absolutely and you could have your head tattooed as well???

        I always think bald men should have hair tattooed on… but then I suppose their hairstyle might get old fashioned…. and anyway the ink always just seems to go blue in the end… so maybe not.

        To be honest …. why not just think to hell with the expense and get a decorous 18th century enormous great curled white wig or a Dolly Parton wig? I think wigs are a good idea because then you have a perfect hairdo every day and can sleep without it on at night and it would be much less fuss than having actual growing hair…

        Y’know what… I might just shave my hair off too – don’t see why you should have all the fun 😉


      11. My sis in law has just got herself a wig and it looks really nice. Maybe I am just jealous … 🙄

        Now tattoos. there’s an idea. I shall research some suitable ones at once.

        PS – on a more serious note – how’s your sciatica????


      12. Changeable 8| I can now sit down for much longer which is a huge relief… but walking is strange as if bottom of spine is painful concrete. Went for a bit walk along the sea-front this afternoon but had to walk very slowly on way back… :no:

        How’s the fibromyalgia? (hark at us….!)


      13. Sssh… let me tell you in your ear …. *I think it might be better* … 88| … but I’ve been so busy I’m waiting to see if the aches come back once I stop! |-|


  2. It’s lovely that your father enjoyed his 90th celebration….however, I am like you and don’t want to get old and frail, especially after what I have seen during the past few years….Ah well, one day at a time.

    You sound busy, and so continue to enjoy and save your voice:)x


    1. Can’t save my voice with 2 little children around 😉 … but I probably won’t be able to speak to Hub for a week after they go tomorrow … not sure he would mind through 😉

      Happy new year, Janet – I hope it will be one to enjoy, with some of the struggles and stresses behind you now.


      1. Thank you so much Gilly. Yes, I feel that this next year will be a much easier one. I am already feeling so much more at peace now that the house is sold and my Mother is settled. I might even get that week at the Amalfi Coast.

        Rest up after your family have left, and best wishes to you and Hub for a healthy, peaceful and creative 2012. I hope you find the perfect place for your next nest.x


  3. What a shame your voice has gone! I do hope you get it back for the New Year….there is singing to be done!!!!

    You sound very busy, it’s lovely to be with family though!!!

    Like you I wouldn’t want to be lingering, my biggest fear would be to lose my marbles and be a burden.

    I raise a glass to your Dad. I’ve enjoyed hearing about him these last few weeks, a remarkable man! Happy birthday DAD!!XXXXXXX


    1. Thanks so much, Dina! he was remarkable, and I do miss him a lot still at times. Still, there we are … *heaves sigh*

      Raising a glass to his memory … hmmm. Now you’re talking… *shoots off at high speed* :wave:


      1. I’ve got photos of my Mum and Dad on the top of my bookcase in the study, so I just have to glance up to see them. I’ve got them under the Rublev icon of the Trinity, with the palm cross from Palm Sunday that I kept from the week that Dad died. Sometimes I light a candle for a prayer and it’s so nice to know that they are praying along with me!


  4. My mum was 90 this year and like you I’ve said I don’t want to live that long!!!

    My granddaughter will be 10 years old on Monday and I think she’s just about grown out of pass the parcel!!!

    I hope you soon get your voice back ~x~


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