This acted collage of the Nativity story accompanied by the carol ‘O Holy Night’ is one way to celebrate and prepare! It moved me to tears (nice, not sad ones …)

My thanks to all my lovely blog friends and my best wishes and hopes for a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


Celebration hugs all round!



      1. I love it the robe story i can just imagin how they would want to destroy it, the robe that is.

        No the nativity is not finished it continues tomorrow at 9.0clock, i think it is well played even to the point of showing at the beggining how they had there own astronomos dont think i spelt it right but i think you will know what i mean.

        They looked for signs as uneducated as they might have been those signs were equel to any thing we might have today but would now be ignored for more conventional ones.

        I look forward to the rest of that story tomorrow,the nativity wish it was all year round.xx


      2. Those astronomer guys from Persia or Iran as it is today, were really highly educated and knew loads of things before we did here in the west 😳 Same with the Chinese …

        thanks for the tip-off – not sure I will get to watch it tomorrow morning because I will be off to church, but I would love to watch the last one – I missed it last year!


      3. I agree they are still way ahead . The story nativity was lovely but was simplified in the way that we had to have the doubters and those who wanted the sort of proof that does not exist, for the benefit of those watching. We have people who point out to us that they were simple uneducated people who believed as though insinuating those of us who do today are just simple fools where infact i think we are much wiser than they and more fortunate.xx


      4. Our lives in physical terms are much easier and we know more in terms of information and science … but I often wonder if we are any wiser. Wisdom is hard to find, I think.

        Happy Boxing Day, Aven!


  1. Why am I sitting here reduced to tears after watching that! 🙂

    ‘O Holy Night’ is my favourite ‘carol’ this year and I was watching/listenng to a lot of versions on youtube last night as it happens!

    This is a lovely collage and version! 🙂

    Last year my obsession was ‘O come Emmanuel’……couldn’t stop listening to it…


    1. I was watching the YouTube and my mind was doing its usual stuff … the wise men weren’t there at the manger, they came later … etc etc and then I found I was crying. The Holy Spirit needs to steer round my intellect sometimes!!

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE O Come O come. Absolutely beautiful.

      What a lot the secular world is sadly missing.


      1. I know….:(

        I wonder if Christmas will gradually get eroded out of our traditions and just be turned into this Yuletide thing and then just get dismissed and it will be the January sales that people focus on? They did mention on the news the Druid celebration of the winter solstice thing…. perhaps the Druids will take over 😉

        To be honest I think most people with a shred of sensitivity are moved by the Nativity on some level… the Holy Spirit is so powerful :yes:


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