(from Occupy Wall St)

This may be true of certain bankers. It also may be true of certain dictators. Pray for North Korea!


16 thoughts on “GIVE A MAN A GUN – OR A BANK?

  1. Unfortunately robbery is now an everyday happening – everywhere it seems. Even down the road from here only yesterday. Loaded shotgun -threat to kill – a 17 year old and two 14 year olds using a stolen car!

    I recently posted a brief message.


    1. From the ‘greatest’ to the least, people are capable of putting others’ lives in danger and causing fear and suffering.

      We have to do what we can to stand against such attitudes and behaviour … it seems so little, but without it the world will go to hell in a handcart.


  2. Excellent cartoon! Yes North Korea chills me…I saw the people crying [amazing what fear can do] for their old dictator…they are probably terrified as to whet comes next!

    Still, there is always hope….times are changing, you can see that from the Middle East….xxxxx


    1. I read somewhere that in China they used to watch the crowds when they were supposed to be weeping, and imprison those who weren’t weeping enough. So it’s got to be overkill. Frighteningly ‘Big Brother’, who is always watching you.


    1. My brother in law, who is very involved with justice issues internationally, has a special interest in N Korea and the media woke him at 4am yesterday for an interview!

      One hopes so much that change for the better will come. We shall see if the next dictator is willing to put the good of his country ahead of greed and violence.


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